Barr Warns of Erosion of Religion, Centralization of Government, ‘Monolithic’ Media

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  1. dan.w says:

    God bless Diamond and Silk.You go girls….As re; the ‘virus’…I believe as time passes,we will all see this one acts like no in genetically altered and used by less than savory characters.This ‘virus’ looks like it targets old and respiratory compromised people.Us old people are just useless eaters..shades of earth worshippers crying how we are ‘killing mother earth’..AND…it just fits the mold of bio-weaponization to ‘go for the lungs’.[Just my take on it]..the caveat being someone or something wants Trump,[and us] out of the way.We will be seeing ,[in my opinion]…a cascade effect at the supermarket,financial institutions,etc..because of mob mentality,unfounded fears,incomplete info,wrong info…etc.Face it…most people have mammon as their god…and when you touch that or it gets threatened……well you can figure that one out.God is…[in my opinion]…shaking the earth a bit.When things are shaken or tested,we find out what they really are.Vitamin ‘C’,and zinc in proper doses may help stem this thing.Do your research.Fresh,clean water,air,and enough good rest will help as well…..and WASH THEM PALMS………Don’t forget to thank God in all things….Good day.

  2. dan.w says:

    Brother John.I saw an article today on the site It is dated today,march 4th.,by Lt.Col.James Zumwalt. I suggest it would be good if you read it in its entirety.It may be helpful to get this information out there.If its something you can get on your site…..I just wanted to give you a ‘heads up’.God bless,Dan.w

  3. dan.w says:

    I like what I see from William Barr.He is a no nonsense guy,unlike me from time to time.I love our president,and believe considering the opposition that is relentless and it’s source..he’s doing the best he can with what he’s got to work with.The left,[read socialist marxist God haters] despise him,making me want him even more as a rerun,2 term president.The more I see..especially from the behind the scene’s kind of way…I can’t help but see the globalist fingerprint ALL over this virus and economy thing.To me,it is the classic one two punch from beezlbub.[They] could not stop Donald from being elected.They tried.[They],cranked out Russia,nonstop,and tried to sink him with it…funny,it’s what ALL of the left are truly guilty of…but through transference try to make it ‘stick’ to the prez.FAILED…..The mental lamestream media..i.e.lyin sacks….hammer on and mock our president at every turn,along with the ‘latenight toadies’…Hollyweed also takes swipes at him,because they feed on garbage,and garbage they produce.The looney left never lets a good premanufactured crisis go to waste.Their ‘cure’ after setting up ‘The Don’ is unbridled socialism,sometimes brought in by fake environmentalism…A red/and green axis if you will.No matter what Trump doe’ will not be sufficient for the left.They want him gone.They have absolutely no problem with bringing down the house..killing off tons of old people…,i.e.economy or society to do it.They want chaos and civil war.Nothing has stuck,thus far to our president….But they want him out so bad…they hope the one two punch will do it.If even to make him less popular is something to them.This november,the election could be won/lost by a fraction of a percent.Every vote COUNTS!!! NO kidding.Christian….Get to work.What you do or don’t do will decide if we have a representative government and a country,or if we receive the ‘gift’ of communism along with our ‘new taskmasters’, know..sodomites,commies,Godhaters….If we lose this one..don’t be surprised who will punish us.It WILL be ‘friends’,relatives,religious people,..anyone who has never trusted Christ as Savior…..because we are polar opposites spiritually to them,and thus…the enemy. even so…Come Lord Jesus.