Bernie Sanders Floats Abortion as Global Population Control at CNN Climate Town Hall

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  1. Debbie Logue says:

    I too am from central PA. I certainly have no love for Gov. Wolf. At my church prayer group this week, I heard that he had converted to Islam, so I researched the matter, and I don’t think he did convert. He is like most liberals and kowtows to Muslims and Islam. He likely had no idea that one cannot pray without being a Muslim. Few people know that. His office admits that he prayed with Muslims, but denies that he has converted. Nevertheless, he is a complete fool and has opened himself up to evil spirits by bowing down to a false god, but I don’t think he is a Muslim. He’s just a godless leftist. However, he clearly favors Islam over Christianity. He showed that when he was outraged when the godly female representative said such a wonderful prayer in Jan. — the best prayer I ever heard from any politician.