BLOG POST: “Great news, the US public on Israel”

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  1. claire says:

    I wish our so called leader would love and defend his country the way Mr . Netanyahu loves his country. Unfortunately we all know he has different ideas.
    God bless us all.

  2. Jill says:

    Bibi said the support from the American people has been amazing. Financial donations to Israel are way up.

  3. Dan.w says:

    Barry’s country is the nation of Kenya.His grandmther who lives there,said she saw him being born…..there.She had no axe to grind,and was unaware of the issue regarding his birth certificate.He also has someone else’s s.s. number.Grandma has no reason to lie.He,Barry hates this country,and was schooled in it’s demise.That is why he exist’s.That is his mission in life.On a good note,great to see most of the American public behind Bibi.Now,he would make a fine president.

  4. John says:

    We homeschool our children and I’m self employed so I made sure that we as a family gathered as a family in the morning and watch Bibi’s speech or as I phrased it this historic occasion both in world history and prophetic terms. We all thought that it was an excellent speech (even though my teenage daughter couldn’t stand all the applauding). But in the end, knowing one day soon that Israel will stand alone, that it was all for naught. And when I heard B Hussein’s response to the the speech I knew ahead of time that it would be dismissive because of his arrogant, narcissistic, smug attitude and his love for the death cult. I told the kids it would be nice to switch leaders,and they agreed, and had to remind myself that we need to pray not only for Netanyahu but also for the guy occupying the white house.
    It frightens us to think what may happen to this nation perhaps before the rapture but also strengthens our hope in the blessed hope and know that our time here is but a blink of an eye in the scope of eternity. I even told the Lord that I would be willing to miss the Packers for one more season if He would come today especially even after their epic meltdown in the championship game…:)
    Oh and Mr McT, we give to Blessing Israeli believers but is there another ministry that you would suggest giving to that would also help the Jewish nation. Thank you.

  5. Victor says:

    In regard to the question by John (see #4 above) the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is an excellent one! Go to their website to read about what they do for Israel.

    Yes, I would definitely vote for Bibi for President if he could switch countries and run for President! However, we born again Christians have access by the blood of Jesus to the Throne of God to whom we can bring our petitions on behalf of our great nation! Therefore, let us make the most of the opportunity to continue interceding for our leaders whether we agree with them or not. Even though under the evil Roman Emperor Nero, Paul still exhorted in I Timothy 2:1-4 to intercede for those in authority.

  6. Dan.w says:

    Parents….Please be wary of T.V.It is a vast wasteland,designed to neutralize Christians and steal their children’s souls.Two boy’s kissing mouth to mouth on a recent abc program,will tell you the devil has control over this rollercoaster.Our eye’s,ear’s and morality are assaulted continually.We need more time in God’s word..less in the devil’s toilet,[t.v.].Father God….please protect us from this garbage,that pretends to be ‘entertainment’.It is straight from ‘the pit’.Give us healthy appetite’s for what we really need………..You,and all your Truth,Amen.