BLOG POST: Islam’s Advance in America

3 Responses

  1. Bonnie Anderson says:

    It was an experience calling the phone number connected to the Islamic billboard. The young man is totally blind and tone deaf. However, that did not stop me from telling him that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and that no on comes unto the Father except through him, no one. He actually did not want me to get a word in at all, but I was not deterred. I told him that if he asked me a question, he had to give me the time to answer. I told him that Jesus had died on the Cross for his sins and all of mankind’s sins, that we were all sinners in need of a Savior, and asked him if Mohammed could forgive sin and give him eternal life, but he went off then in a different direction. No surprise. When he asked me if Jesus had been with Abraham from the beginning (Islam says no because Abraham is not a Jew), I replied that Jesus, the creator of all things, was before the beginning of time, was with God, and IS God. That ended our conversation.

  2. Dan.w says:

    Hi all….Along with the islamic advancements in this country and around the world,[nearly unchecked as we can see],I was at a hospital today being a taxi and helper bee for some elderly friends.While waiting in the waiting room,[hence the name],just for curiosity I thumbed through no less than 25 magazines of varied titles.I’m not making this up…All but one had some included ‘gay’ reference at some point..islam and homosexuality are covering alot of ground while mostly silence is ‘heard’ elsewhere.Doe’s no one see the culture shift,[tsunami] that has occurred in our midst?I understand the world is blinded,.but the ‘church’ with no oil in her lamp is blinded too.10 years ago,I would never have believed we would fall so fast.Everyone.except the remnant,is sleepwalking to their destruction.It cannot be too much longer before Jesus comes for us.Back to the islam article.It seems everyone wants a piece of Jesus,just not the real one who IS God,who paid our sin debt in full,who calls sin what it is,and who waits even now for true repentance,so He can complete the Heavenly transaction for which He came for those still fence sitting.Time is short.The King IS coming……….Is He coming.for you?