BLOG POST: The 666 Surveillance System

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  1. Byron says:

    You’ve been right on on the ‘beast tech’ I still have to wonder just how many people grasp it all!
    As ‘we do to Israel’ (please don’t misunderstand) has bee absolutely right on and others are finally picking this up – we are absolutely greatful your obedience bringing this to attention!
    A few years back a post trib heckler called in trying to make her case and the way you pulled up Scripture (both testaments) proved to me (us) that your no flyby, His Spirit was heavy (awesome) that evening! One of the tool’s the devil is using on the church today of eschatology by getting Believers to focus on themselves and not what we are commissioned to do, we (including myself) will be incredibly grieved when we have total understanding when we meet Jesus.
    *Back on the topic of the 3 score & 6, it must frustrate the Lucie’s very much that ‘they’ can’t use the ‘old world’ tech of the generating controlling power of the pyramids! Many of these are under water, frozen in ant-artic polar ice (do to the global flood) these pyramids were on a global grid (Dave Flynn’s ‘temple at the center of time’) and the star of David is a symbol of this, they learned a lot while in Egypt who were a washed in Babylonian/Sunnie watcher tech!
    The other day i was listening to a blog show where they were discussing if the Lord would allow the polluted genitic pool on the ark! I would think not, but also believe that the main concern w/the Lord was keeping the lineage pure leading to Christ Jesus! It’s very possible Satan was back to doing the work of the 200 fallen mt Herman watchers there in the land of Canaan! I read recently that today’s gene pool of all man are polluted via dna testing. source; LA Marzulli and others. What does this mean? No wonder when we are born again much more took place!
    This hologram, g.w.e.n./wifi, Harp players, chipping etc will allow satan to totally control the Christ rejecting masses!
    The disinformation machine is at full force, believers who aren’t anchored in His Word will be deceived, while many people aren’t really Saved and can’t be convinced otherwise. There’s going to be some organized propaganda that’ll seem to prove that Jesus was a creation of the ancient gods! Bill Nye etc (science rules) w/there psuedo junk science will be even more fierce, why did premiere radio get rid of John B Wells, you bet! C2c am will be a big tool in convincing those left behind that the ‘bad guys’ were taken out because of ‘hate speech’ while being sooth sayers on moving the world into the higher plain!
    Lucie does not want Christian’s around because we know the truth and (if it be the case) die well which is an awesomely powerful tool of the Lord, so the Lord will remove the restrainer(s) because even now living in a post Christian nation Satan knows he can be set back years If the Lord decides to play some Hold cards!
    We always hear what the dark side is doing but you all know as well as i God is doing some really awesome thing’s here and around the world! The Gideon affect scares the Hades out of them, they know their history, they know their plan could get smashed and the Lord loves showing the Satanic masses who’s really in control, yes, He’s our GOD and He loves each & everyone of us! Yes, yes, He’d (Jesus) would of done what He did 2000 yrs ago if it was just you, it’s called agape love!
    *The Lord used other nations to Judge the Israelite’s, He then Judges those nation’s & kings very severely – any lesson’s here?
    Jesus laid down His life & Arose during the ‘pass-over season’ (Resurrection season for us) – No, just hoping!

    **The ‘harp players’ are really fiddling around big time here lately while fertilizing the clouds! Jesus WILL put an end to all of this when we return w/Him close to 7 years from now!
    Be Bold w/the Wisdom of the Lord, fear (adoration) Him, not man we’ll be forever blessed!

    even so,


  2. inhisservice says:

    Are you right with Jesus…. A testimony by Mary K Baxter…

    A Divine Revelation of Hell – Mary K. Baxter