BLOG RADIO: Prayer of the Solemn Assembly

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  1. Jenny says:

    Our depravity has no limitations…

    Sack cloth and ashes for sure. I pray God’s Hand of mercy over those of us who love His Name. Even so, come Lord Jesus, come.

  2. Cynthia says:

    @Jenny, I don’t even know what to say to this, Dear God forgive us, forgive us. I find myself saying these following words on a daily basis now…”I can’t even imagine my son serving in this military environment, he is Home now and will never have to witness or experience any of this depravity, it would have most surely tried his soul.” I am finding myself actually thanking God for it. I WILL see him soon…..

  3. Cynthia says:

    I wanted to add this about the video link Jenny posted…our soldiers are told not to have bibles in the open or crosses on the doors of their buildings because they are trying to win the “hearts and minds” of the Afghan people YET openly displaying homosexuality is somehow lost in that argument, they have NO credibility! I believe that the muslim religion is against homosexuality (even though many of their men do practice it). I was appalled at the statement the soldier at the end made when he said “they want to leave all positive qualities of what America is like” in referring to homosexuality. That is what we want to leave in the minds of Afghani’s about America? Really???????

  4. Barbara in VA says:

    @Jenny: Boy, just one more thing to bring on the tears this week! How awful! How much longer will God endure this type of behavior without sending or allowing terrible judgments?!

    My heart is breaking not only because of this particular behavior but also for years, the killing of babies has just been such a horrible practice to me. I lost two babies and even though I had four children, just losing those two little ones (one unborn, the other too premature to save) was heartbreaking. Years ago, when it first became legal to murder babies, I put a small poster on my refrigerator (my children and several of our foster children were teenagers at the time) showing what a baby looked like at each month of it’s development while still in the womb. I know of one baby for sure that lived because one of our foster children had seen that poster! I still feel like I didn’t do enough to save babies though! I am so thankful for Blessing Israeli Believers to try to be of some help in saving babies in Israel!

    This blog is such a blessing where John is keeping us totally informed as to what is happening and how it relates to prophecy. And I look forward every day to reading the comments here from all of you! God bless each and every one of you and protect you in the coming days! You are definitely my church family now!


  5. Peggy says:

    Barbara – you are such a kind and loving soul. I enjoy reading your comments, along with all the others on this blog.

    I’ve only commented one or two time before, but I too look forward to reading John’s blog and the comments section each day.

    Keep looking up. Our redemption draweth nigh. Amen, come Lord Jesus.

  6. Sandy says:

    I also want to thank everybody and especially John for keeping us informed as to what is happening in this once God loving country. I also don’t post much but I do read all the time and look forward to all the posts here..

  7. dan .w says:

    Brother John,I love the I need Jesus song you play on prayer night.Is it on a 78 rpm record?Have you ever heard Tennessee Ernie sing Gospel?Even though he was an entertainer,the story go’s that he was told to drop the Gospel songs on his television show by the higher ups…He said he would rather end the show than do that…God bless him…..Just a little trivia about some who loved the Lord.Danw

  8. dan .w says:

    In the prayer of the Solemn assembly time,you brought up about America and its role in slavery.I’ve been doing some personal research about the KJV and the inferior replacements that came on the scene.What I found was amazing!It was around 1880 or so when the other ‘bible versions’were coming out,however,it was around the late 1850’s to mid 1860’s when the behind the scenes machinations with these ‘versions’ was in full play.My personal opinion is that this may have been the linchpin that along with slavery,started the civil war….Thanks for all you do brother John and my Christian family,..God Bless you all…Dan.w

  9. jodi says:

    May God surround His people with His many providences as we stand and fearlessly live for the Gospel of Christ Jesus!

    Puritan, William Gurnall’s book, The Christian in Complete Armour, what an important tool to encourage Christians as we see satan’s handprints on our world. God’s hands are on us dear, precious, believers. Praise God He has raised up men of boldness like pastor John! May God protect you and all your efforts in equipping His people. I am grateful for your work for Christ.

    Who is on the Lord’s Side by Francis Ridley Havergal

    “Sing church! Rejoice in your calling! Blessings to all!

  10. dan .w says:

    1 JOHN 5;7 For there are three that bear record in Heaven,The Father,the Word,and the Holy Ghost;and these three are one. KJV. Are these verses missing from your Bible? If so,find out why…Find and read the book A Testimony Founded For Ever by James H.Sightler,M.D It may no longer be in print,so it would be worth your while to maybe find it at a used book store.If they don’t have it,they can order it for you….Find out why the KJV IS God’s word…Now,more than ever,we need to show ourselves approved….and get into the Word.God bless all of you,Dan.w

  11. Verses 14-20. – After urging the priests to lead the way in the matter, he proceeds to summon all classes of the people, and particularly the elders, to engage in penitence, fasting, and solemn supplications, in order to avert the calamities that were impending, or to escape from them if they had already begun. Verse 14. – Sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the Lord your God, and cry unto the Lord. The command is addressed to the priests as the representatives and rulers of the people in all matters of religion; they communicated to the people the commands of Jehovah. This verse directs attention to three things – the duty commanded; the persons called upon to discharge it; and the place of its performance.