BLOG RADIO: “The Time of the End”

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  1. Dan.w says:

    When I see the ‘fruit’ of islam,it makes me sad,and filled with righteous anger.This god,[with a very,very small ‘g’],is no one deserving of worship.I wouldn’t even wipe my feet on it.Our God is God,He is a real person,a lover of life,and embodies all things Holy.There is no shadow in Him.He IS the SonGod…..unlike the moon god.The moon god is a vulture that feeds on death and decay,but our Lord encourages the faint of heart,and rejoices when one turns from the wrong to Him.Instead of murderous inclinations,our God laid down His own life,via the Son.No one takes it from Him,He offered up His life,once,for all..allah,[with a really tiny ‘a]’,is a taker,a liar,a thief,in short,a really,really bad toad.But our above all His creation,and yet,He wants fellowship with us…………How amazing is that.Jesus Christ!!He is worthy to be praised..and He calls us sons and daughters.