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  1. Brian says:

    These health postings are always such a blessing. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. inhisservice says:

    Life at 20-24 weeks …

    Major Newspapers Reject Pro-Life Ad, Image of Baby “Too Controversial”

    Keep looking up, the King is coming soon… 🙂

  3. lucille says:

    Thank you John, and brothers. You are such a blessing and light in this late hour..prayingwith you and fasting, interceeding. May He have mercy`

  4. Jenny says:

    Here’s one for our Spiritual Health!

    Just curious…Do we have any reason to believe from scripture that God will reveal ancient artifacts etc before He returns? Possibly Noah’s Arc, ancient Sodom/Gomorrah? I guess we could say the Two Witnesses qualify for that. Brother, you mention the land spitting us out. Is it possible for it to then reveal “treasures?” Not necessary for our faith but would be really neat.

  5. Steve says:

    I am confident that I have uncovered a Bible mystery. Every year from June to October, I go out and water a certain area of my back yard. Almost without fail I am able to go out and harvest food daily, and on Saturday there is enough for two days so I don’t have to collect on Sunday. The Bible called it Manna, but in America it is called zucchini.

    Sorry for the lame joke,
    Bob Cornuke and others have found the route where Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of Eygpt to the base of Mt. Sinai. He was a policemen for many years so he has a mind for investigation. Using only the Bible for hints to look for the route, he found over a dozen places mentioned in the Bible story of the Exodus that led to the base of the real Mt. Sinai. The traditional Mt. Sinai in Eygpt is not the right mountain.He has written a book and made a dvd about the experience and I am convinced he has has found the correct route. It is a fascinating dvd, one the whole world should see. Your local library might have a copy.

  6. Jenny says:

    Thanks, Steve! (Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been in my garden!)

    I had the privilege about a decade ago to meet Bob. He was very personable. I won’t put anything past our God these days. The warm up hasn’t even started!

    Southern Squash Casserole…yummy!

    ****Must read. (Is this verifiable?)*****

  7. Ryan Thomas says:

    Maybe obummer and his crew should eavesdrop on this blog. They might find the fountain of youth, Jesus.

  8. Brendon says:

    You’re right, Steve. I have the same book called “Mountain of God.” There are several pictures proving their assertions. I am familiar with Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams. Both traveled to Saudi Arabia and found a unique mountain- Jabel El Lawz or Mountain of the Laws. The top of the mountian is charred black, and no proof of volcanic activity exists to have caused it. They also found the stone boundaries for the 12 tribes, several petroglyphs of the Apus bull god, and the split rock which may have been the one Moses struck and gushed forth water. The stones at the base of the rock were well smoothed by the running water.