Book: I Could Take His Punch

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  1. Susan says:

    my comments are on there already (below) but please change my hometown to Austin from Houston – great book, Dr. John!

    Susan Ryan Stotesbery, (Houston, TX) said
    Rating * * * * *
    Date: 2012-08-10 :
    A quick and captivating read, I Could Take His Punch takes the reader from starvation in Ireland and fights in the Bronx to hunts in the Catskill mountains while you get to know and love Joe McTernan, the author’s larger-than-life dad. If you like a true Irish immigrant tale combined with a miraculous account of Joe’s unexpected deathbed conversion to love Jesus as his savior, you’ll love this. No one expected a miracle, but God showed up anyway in a miraculous, dramatic way!

  2. Fascinating true biography of Joe McTernan. Running miles every day in Ireland, keeping the family farm running, feeding needy neighbors,incredible communications with animals, same super human strength that I witnessed in an old friend,years ago. It all rings true as you witness the experiences that John McTernan had with Joe, as John grew up in the NYC boroughs. Looking forward to seeing both of you, together again in heaven.