AG Barr Announces Durham Probe Now CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION — Subpoenas Coming! Deep State Panic!

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God.Thank You for exposing the rats in all strata trying to depose Your pick for president.Usually,we get what we deserve..but You Lord,in Your mercy and grace..gave us what,or rather ..who we need.Donald Trump is a man of honor.He is a lightning rod..for good people..he inspires..for evil people…drives them mad.I personally say thank You God for him.Use him mightily.Give him wisdom,courage,protection,a full awareness of Your divine presence,blessing and providence.Give him ALL the tools he needs to do the job You put him in office for.Give him favor among world leaders..the respect he deserves befitting his office.Guide and protect his A>G.,Mr.Barr also.Use Mr.Barr to unravel the evil plans,bringing to true justice ALL the perps involved.Lord God..nothing is hidden from You.Shut down the NWO and its players.Put the garbage in the garbage can.Bless all who love You..wherever they may be..In Christ perfect Name,Amen…..P.S. to all who hate God,His Christ,our country as founded,and us who stand to preserve it…go pound sand…then weep because the light of truth will find you.

  2. dan.w says:

    I see the ‘usual suspects’ mock Trump on late night T.V. Coalbear..[I say it as it sounds]..and all the other touchy,feely bootlickers of satan and his ‘ilk’.They are floundering pussbags with zero intellect..[commie professors teaching in commie colleges don’t count as real education].Just because your head appears on T.V. doesn’t mean you have anything to say,have any substance,or any truth.Truth and marxist groupie’s are opposite end’s of opposite rainbow’s…Tow the party line,comrad.I remember when you rebelled against you have infiltrated it with like minded creature’s as yourself,and want to bend it to your we will be a servant to you.New’s flash…snowflake’s.God has His Eye on you…..Pardon me whilst I step aside to see what you have brought down on yourselve’s…We are a nation that has turned it’s back on a Holy God.Would to be that thousand’s/million’s of real blood bought believer’s in Jesus would hold up our president in prayer to vindicate him against the onslaught brought to his door by generation stupid,…witch’s….baby murderer’s……and lazy Christian’s.If we don’t tell someone about Jesus and His free gift of eternal life..then pray for Mr.Trump.If we don’t do at least that…we are a sorry bunch that deserve’s shackle’s,chain’s and the punishment satan will inflict upon us…using the ‘society’ we raised up because of our indifference and apathy because we were too disinterested to care,or too afraid of the culture to stand when we had the chance….Can we not see that the war is real..and happening right is spiritual in nature,and if we are not for Christ,we are against Him.He see’s it,I see it,many other’s see it…….?