California Watch: July 3, 2004

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  1. Teddy H Craig says:

    "Los Angeles city officials are preparing for massive crowds downtown during Tuesday's public memorial for … at Staples Center, even though only 17,500 tickets are being offered to the public.

    Assistant Police Chief Earl Paysinger says anywhere from a quarter-million to 700,000 people may try to reach the arena. A wide area around Staples Center will be sealed off to those without tickets.

    City Councilwoman Jan Perry strongly urged people to stay home and watch the memorial on TV. The ceremony will not be shown on Staples' giant outdoor TV screen and there will be no funeral procession through the city.

    But public safety officials appeared to assume their requests to stay home would have little effect. Since … death, fans have flocked to … sites from Los Angeles to his Neverland Ranch in rural Santa Barbara County." – NPR Report

    Should be interesting to see what happens. I know that I would not go even if they paid me, because the man was vile, but he is still their "idol".

    I believe that it speaks volumes about the state of the people, that they love this vile man, when everything about him was sickening!

    California is broke, and they are going to waste money on a memorial for this vile man, the end is near!

  2. marcel says:

    when the sons of darkness gather together to worship their idols they do it in a big way.
    As it was with Elvis ,more popular in death.
    It fits together ,the cult of death,Islam and the death culture of the sons of darkness.

  3. Teddy H Craig says:

    "But even more bad news for evangelical Christianity in America is that those who still call themselves Christians do not necessarily hold to traditional Christian beliefs any longer. Two other recent surveys reveal that the majority of American Christians believe that accepting Jesus Christ as saviour is NOT the only way to eternal life.

    USAToday recently reported on an almost unbelievable new survey that found that 52 percent of American Christians believe that eternal life is not exclusively for those who accept Jesus Christ as their saviour.

    A different survey that was taken last year by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 57 percent of evangelical Christians in America believe that "many religions can lead to eternal life".

    That shocking study revealed what many evangelical leaders have known for a long time – large numbers of "Christians" in the United States are throwing traditional Christian doctrines into the dumpster.

    Evangelical Christians have traditionally been those who follow the teachings of the Bible most literally. But these new surveys indicate that even a majority of them do not believe in the most fundamental precepts of the Christians faith any longer." – Quote from above link

    I truly believe that less than 1% of those in America, who call themselves Christians, actually have a close and personal relationship with Christ (are sealed with His Holy Spirit); and, that when the catching away happens most of them won't even realize that they have missed it due to that fact!

    But when America is turned into hell (a place of burning and torment), and they are suffering in the midst of it because they were not ready, they are sure to notice then! Only one problem, the foolish virgins don't get caught up after the wise (sealed) are taken, no matter how much they pound on the doors of heaven! No, they get to stay here until they die; or, until Christ returns! And here won't be a blessed place to be, once the bride is taken away, for the wrath of God is poured out on the whole world in those days!

    So if you were wise, then you would be preparing to go home, you would be in preparation to leave! For most surely, as all the signs of the times show us, that time isn't very far away! Amen, and amen.

  4. Teddy H Craig says:

    National Propaganda Radio story titled: "National Guardsman Booted For Being Gay"

    Wrong wrong, NPR, he was kicked out for his being "load and proud" about his reprobate mind! So, you really need to stop lying to your audience!

    That title is a total lie! As many titles of your other stories have been total lies!

    I wouldn't waste my time commenting on their site about this, as, they are always deleting comments of those who speak truth to them/their audience!