Canadian Christians Facing Grave Danger

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  1. Patruck says:

    Pray for the hard left, for those whom God can still reach, that He would open their eyes. For repentance , and that His would help us preserve our country

  2. Dewey Whitworth says:

    A national saying in Hungary, ” God Bless The Magyars ” / God bless The Hungarians in other words. The Russkies couldn’t stamp out their faith in God.

  3. dan.w says:

    And a very happy birthday to John.I know…I wished you one earlier..and I’m not trying to make you older before ‘your time’….It’s just so much fun to celebrate a special person such as yourself.You’ve got it all..A sense of humor,wisdom,a wonderful family…and me as a friend….ha,ha…….God bless you in all your area’s of expertise…….

  4. dan.w says:

    Father God…please reward brother John’s faithfulness by increasing his ministry outreach for Your glory,in Jesus great Name…Amen.

  5. Lorral says:

    Happy Birthday Chaplain John and may you receive many blessings!