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Muslims Coming to the Lord in Tanzania

Pastor Amandus from Tanzania is doing a fantastic job preaching to the Muslims and winning them to Jesus Christ for salvation. Tanzania is a heavily populated Muslim nation, but he remains faithful to the Lord. He is a great member of Abba Father International Fellowship.

Abba Father International Fellowship: Kenya

We had a wonderful event in Bondo, Kenya. I preached live through Skype with great results on the hearts of the people. I taught on “Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted” from Luke 4:18.
Pastor Zaphania and others preached several times a day for three days. Several thousand people came to the Lord, including over 300 Muslims. He also passed out over 10,000 brokenhearted brochures. The people were hungry for the word.
In Kenya Part Two, you can see the Muslims coming to the Lord and the women dancing with joy for their salvation! This is a real move of God in Africa.