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The Killing of Children in America

The God of Israel is removing His hand of protection from evil on the nation and turning us over to our sin. America has now legally killed over 50 million babies in the womb and is the process of promoting the entire homosexual agenda, including “marrying” homosexuals. As I said several times, this is not a spiritual game but reality. And, reality is now closing in on the American people.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem

The issue now on the world stage is Jerusalem, Jerusalem and Jerusalem. As time goes on, the dividing of Jerusalem will get more intense. I believe Jerusalem will be the rallying cry of the Muslim jihad in the war with Israel. The official said there will be no change in the decision made Friday to build 3,000 housing units in the large settlement blocks, and to go ahead with planning and zoning work for the E1 neighborhood linking Jerusalem to Ma’ale Adumim northeast of the capital.