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Abbas: Israel Seeks to Build Holy Temple Instead of Al-Aqsa

With all the war going on in the Middle East, once again Jerusalem comes to the forefront. Somehow all that is happening is going to focus on Jerusalem. This city is going to be the focus of the Muslims in their all-out war with Israel. It is amazing how Jerusalem can be under the radar for a while, and suddenly, it is the center of attention.

Israel’s Attack: “Has opened the gates of hell”

There are a couple of factors in play. Iran may start a war with Israel to help save Assad and Syria. Iran might be attempting to coordinate Hamas and Syria against Israel. The great danger is that something is going to trigger the all-out war between Israel and the Arabs. This incident could escalate and bring Egypt into the battle. It could be the rallying cry of Islamic caliphate. This could be the start of WW3, only time will tell