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God’s Final Warning to Nepal and America

Occasionally in other nations, I can see the correlation between sin/touching Israel and disasters. The recent earthquake in Nepal got my attention, so I researched and was shocked at what I found. Nepal has become the homosexual capital of Asia!

God’s Final Warning to America

I sense a dread in me about the Supreme Court case on “Homosexual marriage.” Today was the oral hearing of the case. The headlines today on all the news sources were the riots in Baltimore and the Supreme Court case. It is no coincident that Baltimore burned and now the city is under martial law at the time the Supreme Court heard the “homosexual marriage” case.

Hezbollah said to mobilize after top commander killed in strike

I sense from watching the response by the Muslims and the West from what happened in Paris that a severe hardening has happened. There is no such thing as free speech in Islam while even the French want to defend it. The terrorists who killed the cartoonists and the Jews are heroes to the Muslims. They energized the Muslims across the world.

Ebola: God’s Final Warning to America

After reporting the correlation between national sin and God’s judgment since October 1987, I have come to the conclusion that homosexual “marriage” will bring God’s final judgment on America. The judgment will be so severe that America never recovers and might disappear altogether.

God’s Final Warning to California/America

On this blog I have documented on many occasions how the record-breaking drought destroying California is tied into the homosexual agenda along with many of the huge forest fires. What I found with this earthquake is that it occurred within 48 hours after a major pro abortion decision in the state.

‘Prejudice Is Prejudice’: Biden Says Gay Rights Trump Culture

I said earlier this month to watch the end of June. Obama was pushing homosexuality on the nation through his declaration of June being national homosexual month. He did this for June since he became president and each June was full of disasters. I knew in my spirit that June was going to end horrible for him and the nation. This is what I wrote on June 5th:

God’s Final Warning to California/America

Right now California is under the worst drought in 500 years. The rains have stopped, starting in December 2012. God is now directly dealing with the sin and rebellion of the state and America. As the drought destroys California, it will bring judgment on America’s food supply.