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Obama’s Veiled Threat Against Israel

How low can this man go as everything he does is evil? He does everything possible to kill babies in the womb. He is on a crusade to destroy marriage between a man and a woman. He wants to destroy the integrity of America and its borders with illegal aliens. And, he will do anything to setup Israel to face a nuclear Iran. This is all going to end very bad for the man-of-sin and America.

Kerry Acknowledges Iran ‘May’ Use Weapons Obtained Through Agreement to Kill Americans, Israelis

One of God’s judgments on a nation is He takes away real leaders in all areas and He replaces them with children and babes. This does not mean six year old leaders but fools in their minds. Children do not have the wisdom to make good decisions but will say and do foolish things. This is exactly what happened to America with Obama and other leaders. They have childish minds living in their sinful delusions. Obama and others are DIRECT judgment from the Lord on America.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem The Nations are going “mad” over it

I believe that all Muslims think like this about Jerusalem. There is something in the soul of the Muslims that drives them mad over Jerusalem. They are obsessed that Jerusalem is in the hands of the Jews. Jerusalem is about to be the burial ground for Islam. Just like the Bible stated, the nations will go mad/insane over Jerusalem.

Egypt TV to Israel: ‘Trust in God and bomb’ Iran

This explains the massive moral free fall of America, Millions have turned away from God and reject the authority of the Bible. The power is hemorrhaging out of the church. There is very little power from the preachers. There is a desperate need for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit or the America will become as Sodom. Time is running out for the American church.

BLOG POST: The Coming Shiite – Sunni Islamic War

Iran is now getting very aggressive in the Middle East as this nation seeks to fill the vacuum left by the US. Iran sees this as the time to move. Iran is trying to take over Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Once its power is consolidated it can move against Saudi Arabia and Israel. The motivation for this is the coming of the Shiite Mahdi, their world conqueror.

BLOG POST: Islam’s Advance in America

billboard-dallasIt is really troubling that Islam can be so aggressive in America with little response against them. The Muslims posted this billboard in Dallas, Texas. It links the Lord Jesus to Islam, and that He was a Muslim! How about thousands responding to it with a testimony of Jesus Christ that He is the the Savior and the only begotten Son of God. They are inviting you to call, so why not. You can call 877 949-47526 (correct number

Al-Aqsa Speaker: ‘The Slaughter of the Jews is near’

The pressure continues to build against Israel and Jerusalem. There is a huge confrontation coming and probably next year. Europe is now hardening against Israel with awesome judgment waiting. The Muslims are hardening against Israel and especially the Temple Mount. What will Obama do with Israel? I think the fate of America is in the balance with Obama and Israel.

UN resolution creating PA state and God’s judgment.

In the midst of all that is happening now the Jordan is pushing the United Nations to force a “peace treaty” on Israel. The world is starting to unify against Israel as the Europeans are uniting with the Muslim nations. And why not as they both reject God word regarding Israel. They are uniting in rebellion against God’s word.

World War 3: “Israel ‘on brink of third intifada’

The momentum for a third intifada is building. The battle over Jerusalem is starting to take shape within Israel and worldwide as recent statements by Obama make his thoughts clear. God’s rod of judgment is ready as the world is now lining up against Israel over Jerusalem. God is going to be glorified over this battle. The world will see the authority of His word.