China should think twice before threatening to attack American

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..give us eye’s to see…that we are in spiritual battle.Open the eye’s of real Christian’s..nominal one’s..and the lost to see You have issued a ‘WAKE UP call’.America will go the way of the Christian..Either we will have serious repentance,revival and soul’s won/time we were to carry the light until the time of the gentile’s be fulfilled..or the nominal,[fake’Christian rule’s the day from satan’s holding pen].It’a a ‘playpen’ where self is god..Where enemie’s no not they are prisoner’s of war..and rail and rally against the ONE TRUE GOD…to their eventual demise..going down to the Pit itself.

  2. dan.w says:

    Did anyone catch Pelosi’s ;illuminati’throat slash symbol..meant as a warning to those who would abdicate or run from this satanic group or turn stool pigeon.This is a death threat,clear and plain.See it when she was ‘sworn in’.

  3. Dennis Borden says:

    I am truly glad General Mattis is out. He was a Marine, but apparently one who went along with all of this foolishness. As with a previous article, the military is a tool of the left to masculinize women and feminize men. Utterly against God’s plan and sickening.