Chinese Media: North Korea Will “Cross the Point Of No Return” with Sixth Nuclear Test

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  1. danw says:

    Thank you for all the correct info.Brother John,seeing it is as late as it is,and we have limited time to reach the lost..and many lost from other lands are coming here to the U.S….would you be open to another web site?They want to get the Jesus film on DVD into as many hands as possible.I believe its in 24 languages,and the response has been very positive.Contact info is; This could be a way to turn illegals and immigrants into followers of Christ. Their ph number is;704-684-1535 God bless.

  2. Jackie says:

    What a wonderful plan to reach the lost.

  3. danw says:

    Thank you…quite frankly,it’s not my idea,but the Lord give’s us way’s to reach out.When He present’s something so easy and wonderful as this,how could we not want to be a part of the ‘end time’s gathering in of saint’s’.God literally brought these people to our shore’s.It’s like He put them right in our lap.We could curse the darkness…or share the Light..the light of Christ…the person.For those who have never heard of Jesus,this could be their first time…and it’s not beyond the Lord to save even the most hardened opponent…ask Saul,..or better known as Paul.God bless all of you,and that includes my friends brother John and sis Georgann….thanks for letting me post this.

  4. danw says:

    I’m humbled and honored to have a small part in this ministry.Father God,bless this man[brother John,his entire family,even his pets.Let your mercy shine on him,give him extra wisdom and protection from the enemy…all this for our sis Georgann as well.] I pray also for everyone who visits this site and all those who are a part of it.Lord guide them,letting them be more than conquerors in Christ,Amen.