Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies

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  1. dan.w says:

    Angela Merkel must be sniffing some glue,because being a nationalist/patriot is the least selfish of all the supposed offerings out there.She drank the koolaid folks,and went back for seconds.No,Mzzz.Merkel…socialism only works in a debased,depraved,koolaid swilling,glue huffing deluded alternate reality.If walls,[national borders are bad]..then remove all your locks,doors, your security..and see how it pans out for you.No alarm systems,no cops,no righteousness…It just amazes me how people can be head of something..yet their head is empty…..Whats that I hear..Order more glue..and koolaid???

  2. dan.w says:

    I know Mr.Trump dose not need my advice…but if he asked..I would say..don’t tell the ‘deep state’ what you will do if they keep up their dirty work…Just open ALL the files on the clintons/obammy,hillery’s girlfriend,mrs.wiener,bengazi,mueller,whitewater…the body count..all the silencing and witness intimidation,the corruption in all are’s of our govt…the real collusion of the illuminati/deep state,and demoncrats/rino’s to usurp our country.Mr.Trump..sir..You are playing chess with satan.Please give this over to the Lord.No one can beat God at anything…let alone chess.If anyone feels led to get this post to Mr.president..I’d be o.k.with it.God bless.Dan.w