CNN Spreads Deadly Lies About Vitamin D3 for COVID-19

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  1. dan.w says:

    America has gone crazy,batty….We let the criminals out of prison..but punish ordinary citizens just for living life,hurting no one.I had a neighbor peddle by on his bike today.I stopped him and we exchanged small talk.He you wear a mask?..I replied,if a store requires me to,I will just shop somewhere else.No,I don;t wear a mask I said….criminals wear masks…..

  2. dan.w says:

    God bless Trumps new spokeslady.She’s got more ‘cahoonah’s’ than most men.Took that foolish reporter to the woodshed. As re; the mask thing.I went shopping today with ‘the wife’…Wallyworld I believe it was…Anywhoo,it was like being on mars.Masks everywhere.How long will the sherad go on?

  3. dan.w says:

    It’s amazing how the evil ones work in lock step with each other.Of course,they have the media to get their wicked message/agenda out.This onion has many layers.I may not get them in order,but here is what I see. Satan.the big dog,giving elite,Soro’s Gates,Epstein..r.i.p.and their ilk.Religious[false]leaders,political hack’s,U.N,Who..all of these and more comprise the deep state.The majority of science and most of medical field founded and perpetrating junk science to enslave and keep sick the cows,[us],they are milking..right up to the grave.Shock troops,footsoldiers made up of missinformed and deceived public…who received their indoctrination in govt.public schools,colleges,T.V.mass media etc.This last group cannot think for themselves unless Christ sets them free mentally.They only act up and react as told by the higher up’s in the food chain.The enemy is IN the camp….The trojan horse they rode in on wants you and I to bow and scrape.These are evil dog’s who would kill us as look at us.We must rise as God’s people and patriots to stop them.Fear has no place in this war.Yes,I said war.At least it would be if we fought back.We will be slaughtered without Christ as our Head,Holy Spirit as our guide.We must not mistake this uprising as a fluke that will vanish.They are standing for their god’satan the destroyer’…we must stand for our’s.Social justice is a ruse,as is reparations….you can’t give enough to get a mad dog off of you.Mad dogs need to be dealt with,not fed.God bless you all.

  4. Jackie says:

    This is very true…why we should not apologize for our race

  5. dan.w says:

    I just wanted to wish everyone happy’pride month’,and juneteenth this friday.It sure sounds sad….because…it is.Driving home through a small ‘trendy’ town today….though I was in Sodom.’Women’ walking the sidewalk…being ‘seen’..holding hands.So metrosexual of them.I’m the minority.A saved ‘white’ man who loves my wife.Gee..what reparations and court orders do I get to validate what is right and true?Just checking…I’ll follow the Lord,not satan and his false gospel…which is unfortunately drawing many to Hell’s flame.Pray for the lost people.