CNN’s Piers Morgan to be taken off air?

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  1. Gord says:

    Expect to see armed civilians walking boldly throughout the nation in the coming months, the united states is no longer united, people prepare for civil war!
    The White House Is CORRUPTED BY EVIL!

  2. Mary E. says:

    …”I am fearful of what’s coming..” John,I know exactly what you are feeling. Today,I felt the fear of the Lord,in full force. On Saturday, January 12th,I turned the TV on. Within a few seconds later,a weather warning came on. At first,I thought it was for the heavy rain that was occuring. It was a tornado warning,totally unexpected and it was heading from Kentucky to my side of town. I called friends,asking for prayer and then watched the live coverage from the outdoor weather cameras as the wall cloud came toward the city. The storm headed right for the center of the downtown area. Thankfully,the funnel did not touch down and moved out of the area. It was a terrifying moment and I praised the Lord that,once again He spared this area of terrible damage. Today,I came across an article in the local paper that will probably change that situation,removing favor. Here it is:

    The city I live in is basically conservative and though there is political corruption,it certainly isn’t a Chicago or New York. This article boldly exposes how the same sex agenda is being forced,by the government,even on smaller cities. After I read the article I immediately connected the unexpected tornado with the vote that is going to take place the end of January. The fact that the wall cloud went right through the heart of the city is not a fluke. I believe it is a warning from the Lord that can’t be ignored. I am not ashamed to say that after this hit me,I shook with real fear,a fear of the Lord that I have never experienced in my life. It is hard to comprehend that the political leaders are ready to sell this city out for “50 pieces of silver”,but this is now the reality we are living with.

  3. charles says:

    Bro. John, Have you ever heard Rabbi Mark Blitz talk about the Signs of the sun, moon, and stars. Its interesting. Just do a search. Mark Blitz, Blood Moons.

  4. Janine says:

    Be encouraged! God did not give us a Spirit of fear! If we fear, we are giving what we fear greater power than God. God is in control always!

    Satan had to seek permission to attack Job. God had constructed a hedge of protection around Job that Satan could not penetrate. Yahweh had to lower the hedge in order for Job to be tried. At the same time, Yahweh set definite limits upon what Satan could and could not do to Job. Do you not recognize that nothing can touch a child of God until Yahweh has determined that it is their appointed time to suffer? And when that time comes, we are promised that nothing we experience can separate us from the love of God.

    Romans 8:38-39
    For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ our Lord.

  5. Pat says:

    It seems as if all the nations of the world are suffering horribly financially and with natural disasters like famine, fires, and etc. When a global collapse happens then is that when the NWO comes into being? Where do you think the seat of the one world government will be? Who do you think will be the supreme leader of the global government?

  6. Pat says:


    Israel knows that God gave them their land so why do they even consider any proposal to divide it with the Palestinians? It seems like they are inviting a curse upon themselves.

  7. Maria Williams says:

    Piers Morgan is a pillick, nobody takes any notice of him in the UK.

  8. Julia says:

    Oh My Dear people Of God on this site,all was fortold and there is peace in this! To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.He knows those who are his,don’t be afraid.(Isaiah 51 V 7)From article above the church does’nt care,because the fear of God is taught by the precept of men.(Isaiah 29 V 13-15).Darkness is as the light to God…There is no darkness in the light(knowledge )of truth.May the peace that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds.Lets claim our heritage……No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper;and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn.This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,and their righteousness is of me,saith the Lord.(Isaiah 54 V 17).

  9. sparrow59 says:

    All of these fears started under one man. Obama! Never has a president brought so much strife,division,fear,and uncertainty as this man! What is it with him?

  10. Ryan Thomas says:

    Mary E, Wow! Good for you, and the others for praying for protection that The Lord would stay his hand from judgement against your city. It seems that you were the Abraham of Genesis 18:23-33. There must have still been at least 10 people mixed in that love The Lord. Just think, after the rapture there won’t be. I shudder, when I think of those that will be left behind.

  11. Cynthia says:

    I just picked my son up from school, he is 12, in the 7th grade. On the ride home he proceeded to tell me he got in a bit of a heated discussion with a classmate about abortion. They were asked in history today to make a political cartoon, that’s what triggered the debate. He says he made a cartoon of a pregnant woman with a knife in her womb and a dead baby lying on the floor (which he says represents the babies future) and a caption that says “mama I thought you loved me”. I will have to say I was a bit surprised but at the same time I told him it takes great courage to speak out on a subject many, including the church is afraid to address. I am now wondering if there will be any backlash from the school as to the graphic nature of his cartoon.

  12. Melany says:

    Mary E ~ I think every institution is going to cave before the homosexual agenda because this is how bad the times we are living in are.

    I fully expect the Boy Scouts of America to cave in soon, also. You can no longer be a non-profit private organization and stick to your own moral clause. Hobby Lobby’s dilemma sealed the deal for me – Christians forced to violate their beliefs.

    Just saw part of Obama’s press conference and felt chilled to the bone. In my opinion, the man is arrogant, ruthless, & evil. I have never felt this way about a president before. I came close with Clinton, but nothing compared to this one.

    While I admit to feeling some transient fear, it is more that I am on “high alert” and I “feel” the times we are in. That’s the only way I can describe it. Things are never going to go back to the way they were. We’re coming to the end (praise God!). I’m watching the gun issue carefully, and had the thought that if even a third of the people so zealous about guns (and I’m a gun owner, too), had that same energy to stand up against abortion…… and I feel like crying because so often I don’t even think about hideous murder of so many children!! Are we going to get so emotionally drained with everything that is coming at us? I’ve got to keep my eyes on Jesus. I need Him to keep me on the straight and narrow path. The days are so bad right now…..I don’t have the time to NOT give Him my time.
    ~God bless all of you.

  13. Julia says:

    There are so many heavy hearts today,I was just reading and thought of all of us waiting on the Lords return……..This Brought Peace.Psalm 27

  14. dan wessel says:

    While I agree,Americans should have the right to keep and bear arms,even one exclusion is what will become the camels nose in the tent to start to shut it down.Registration is also the means dictators use so they can later take away your self defense,because you have given them your name,address,and a description of what they are seeking..If we won’t protect the lives of our preborn,what makes us think we could spiritually stand against protective weapons being removed from our care.Common sense says that if we won’t be willing to lay our lives down for a family member,or a baby,why do it for an object.Of,course,common sense is a lost art,so almost anything can transpire.My personal belief is because as a nation,we are spiritually blind,we will like fools,dance to the tune of satans little helper,who was elected twice…..just boggles the thinking mind.Hey,anyone got a trillion dollar plutonium coin yet?

  15. Gary L Thompson says:

    With Abraham Lincoln, everything he believed had its origin in the Declaration of Independence, and he gave a great speech on this “tie that binds” (see

    Some years back, James Fallow wrote an interesting book “More Like Us: Putting America’s Native Strengths and Traditional Values to Work to Overcome the Asian Challenge”, in which he reached the conclusion that America did not have the common ties that characterized other nations, like a national church, a national culture, etc., etc. According to the more recent “Dangerous Nation” by Robert Kagan, the Founders came to the same conclusion. I remember watching a broadcast some years back in which the woman host argued that evolution could not explain the existance of nations, and that the 70 nations that came out of Babel had their individual character and personalities just like individuals–except for the United States. She said what she liked about the United States was that it took in all the characteristics of the other nations of the world.

    The problem with the ideas of the American founding being the only real ties between fellow Americans is if those ideas are forsaken, as
    the commmentary implies, what real relationship remains? While having the laudable intention of dealing with the question of citizenship for ex-slaves for once and for all, Lincoln’s generation made the identical error of the Puritans in grandfathering church membership for those born and raised in the church, irregardless of whether the new generations held to the principles of the community. The real problem is not open borders, but allowing people alien to America’s founding to take control of centers of power and influence. They welcome illegal immigration and flirt with Islam just as their fathers flirted with Stalinists and (in some cases) even Hitler and Mussolini, because they are attracted to people as alien to America as they themselves are.

    Contrary to Obama’s siren song, it would seem utterly impossible to fundamentally change America from being one nation under God and an experiment in liberty. To lose its Christian and free character, America would cease to exist as a nation, to be transformed into either a vast prison like the ancient Roman Empire or modern Soviet Union (three guesses who are hoping to be her prospective jailors), or warring tribes run amok (like New Guinea, where head-hunting and cannibalism so broke down interaction between tribes that there were thousands of languages on the island!).

    I tend to agree that guns would be a strange place to run the line–it’s not simply that losing them would remove the last barrier to suppressing all religious and economic liberty, but what would be the point of having them in the first place if there were not precious things worth protecting? Strikes me as being just about as irrational as the black church’s current backlash against the gay movement now, after spending decades tolerating the destruction of its community by babies out of wedlock.

    If duty should force people to a final choice on whether they should submit to the Founding Fathers or the current progressives as the “authorities” Paul was talking about in Romans 13, history strongly suggests that will be a day to be dreaded. Our two civil wars (the American Revolution was proportionately if just as if not more devasting as the War Between the States, people just forget the country was far smaller) brought a storm of blood and fire across the continent. And recall that the outcomes of both were largely decided abroad: France, Spain and Holland deciding to intervene; and Great Britain and France deciding to keep out of the second conflict. With Islam and other unfriendly powers prowling like wolves at our doors, the non-decadent bloc in this country can expect no succor from elsewhere (on the other hand, if it makes them desperate enough to turn to the same Providence that the Founders appealed to, that might not be a bad thing).

  16. Mary E. says:

    Yes,Ryan. I can give many examples of how prayer has turned disaster away from the area I live in. If the city council decides to take the government bribe,in return for allowing the same sex agenda,then Gods protection may be removed. I have spent today in prayer,asking that the politicians involved would be
    convicted by the Holy Spirit and turn away from the path they plan to take.

  17. Mary E. says:

    You are right. In 2011,this issue was voted down and I felt like we were given a reprieve for the time being. I guess what stunned me the most is, the votes are being bought…lock,stock and barrel,out in the open. It is grievous and shocking,but what else should we expect from such evil,corrupt leaders? As much as this shook me,it was the undeniable presence of the Lord and the fear that I felt,that I can not get out of my mind.

    I too,listened to part of the conference and I have the same reaction as you do. But as much as we may fear what those in power can do to us,can you imagine what they will experience when they come face to face with a Holy God? I grieve for them.

  18. Ryan Thomas says:

    Melany, The drug house across the street from me had two Rottweilers trained to be vicious on command.Not long ago some guys drove up and shot them dead. Later a self proclaimed atheist next door,came over and told me , he lost his drivers license for to many d.w. I.s. That eve. I was looking out the window at the pretty moon. I said , Lord I hope the love in me dosn’t wax cold, because of the iniquity that abouds.The Spirit impressed on me, The moon is beautiful and bright but the glory of it goes to the sun. The saints will be beautiful and shine bright forever,and the glory of them will go to the Son.

  19. dan wessel says:

    Nations worldwide,[ours included],have brought themselves to the precipice…it’s not a good place to be,and the evil one is licking his chops in anticipation of the sweet morsels he see’s.We are without a doubt on a collision course with a Holy God.No turning back.If ever there was a time to draw near to Christ,..I’d say now is the time.We are as barbarian as we can be,read any day’s headline…The Lord is about ready to move.The final act seem’s near,if not starting.It’s as if the restainers power is loosening..could we be THAT close….I believe we could….Come up hither…sound’s very good to me….Even so…come Lord Jesus.

  20. Lori Saggs says:

    For the last 3 years I’ve become very much aware of the moral and spiritual decline in America. It saddens me to the point where I realized that I am actually grieving over the God fearing country we once had. When my grandchildren come to visit, we sit and watch the old Lassie show on DVD’s and they love it. There are barely any decent new shows for kids anymore! The good thing that has come out of all of this is that I have become more bold when sharing about Jesus….I’m not afraid anymore of what someone will think or how they will react!!

  21. Sarah says:

    John, I think the reason that the people are so engaged over the gun issue is because with all the other issues that you brought up, they feel they have no authority to do anything about them..What can I do about the debt or the sodomoizing of the military gay marriage? Congress and the President do what they want, and the media doesn’t even report what is happening..But unarming us and taking from us something that will protect us and our family, from people that want to harm us, especially the gov’t, we can understand that. We all know or have read what Hitler did and we all know this government will do the same thing if we allow it..So people say..NO…you are not getting my guns..I can control that situation.

  22. Sarah says:

    pillck is a Brit slang for an idiot or an annoying person

  23. Maria Williams says:

    Pilick = Idiot, no one takes any notice of him here, neither should you, hes an prize twat and doesnt hold any role here, hes just the ex editor of a rather seedy newspaper not a politician.

  24. Gary L Thompson says:

    Someone else recently expressed the same fear as in this column, though on different grounds: