Colleges Vote For BDS Against Israel

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  1. danw says:

    Father God..awaken the church..bring us to true repentance so we can continue to be used by You to reach this lost world.I would rather give someone the Gospel..than have to meet him/her in a defense mode because their brainwashing has taken them to the point of no return.Jesus can make my enemy,my friend.Notice how kind Christ was..while still pointing out error,to the lost.He was very hard,[as He should have been] on the ‘religious’ crowd..because they claimed to know better.They didn’t want their false authority challenged.I hold myself to the same standard as those I try to reach, I ask Jesus to personally correct and grow me.When I look at a car,I expect a car.It should drive and move like one.When the world see’s a Christian,we should look like one.and really be one,every day.When we are Holy Spirit filled..people will notice we are different.That is not a bad thing.The lost will be,for the most part,attracted to us,because Jesus shine’s through,and that is what all of us need.Some will be repelled,maybe because of sin,but Jesus can reconcile that person to Him,through us as His ambassador’s.We all were lost at some point..but someone stepped out of their comfort zone and trusted God more than feared man or man’s rejection.This is where the greatest miracle’s happen.If we ‘show up’ in Jesus Name and power…He will be there,and He will do His work.The ground is level at the Cross.I have been rebuked by God in the past.Sometime’s He uses other believer’s,or even the unsaved..or both.When God stop’s correcting us…it will only be because we finally arrived at Home,[Heaven].I don’t think I have what it take’s to be a real pastor..but I do love my family enough in Christ to tell them ‘hard thing’s’..something I could not do in the flesh.As my four finger’s point out,one is still pointing at me…as it should.God bless each of you as you seek His wisdom,His way,in His time,for His purpose..and His glory,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Let’s get back to shining the light on clintonbodycount. 50+ and counting.I will be sending the president the ‘list’ of ‘victim’s’ along with the ‘mysterious’ cause’s for their untimely exit.Mulehair and the rest of [deep state]..need to be shown a jail cell for treason,sedition,etc.These were hanging offenses in the past.We have a flock of commie,muslim’s in place deliberately set there to take our country down.We need to deal with them,constitutionally…with full force.If they decide to fit me for a body bag,I hope it’s one with a view overlooking the varanda…and some extra chair’s I can play rummy 500 with my friend’s.

  3. danw says:

    Brother John..I read recently that pennsylvania state representative Stephanie Borowicz district 76 opened the session with a prayer about Jesus.It was right on and beautiful.I can’t find the complete adress so I can mail her a big encouraging Christian thank you.You live out there.Could you help by posting it if you can?.I think others too might want to encourage this brave,Godly woman.I hope they would,as she took heat from the commie lib’s and muslim’s.God bless her,we need more like her with a spine.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I’ll be posting on this real soon. Her prayer was wonderful and the Muslims and dems are going crazy.

  4. dan.w says:

    As re;one of my earlier post’s…Even though I don’t believe I have what it take’s to be a pastor..I will not insult God by saying He can’t use me,or He can’t give me word’s to speak to fellow believer’s/or unbeliever’s.I’m not better than Moses,..or Jonah…but hopefully I will learn Biblical lesson’s from both of them so as not to ‘run from God’ or His plan to use me,or say use someone else because I’m not qualified.Of course I’m not qualified…which is why my surrendering to the Lord is even more important.Though I hate to ‘say hard thing’s’..if they are true and from the Lord..I will share them.I just want to be found faithful in His sight…because eternity is a long time to spend with Him,[and you all],,..I want to do it right,[His way]…Sorry for all the [I’s]……I’m working on it…….