Congress Declares the Bible as the Word of God!

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  1. dan.w says:

    Even though our ‘shadow’ is taller than us..I believe America has one good gasp left in her..If we repent to God..[us..Christians]..and come back to the simple beginning of believing in Him,and believing Him.We need to take the Gospel out to our 4 corner’s America.We need to come clean with God,keep short account’s with Him,ask Him to ‘purge us’…from all sin,in thought,word,and deed.We need to be clean vessel’s..usable by and for Him.He should be front and center of all we do and are.We also can be ‘fruit inspector’s’…what I mean is if someone think’s they are a Christian..have them examine themselve’s by the Bible’s check list.Maybe,they are in error,by ignorance..and want a true and living relationship with King Jesus.It’s as simple as Roman’s 10;13……or John 3;16.