COVID-19 & the War on Cash: What Is Behind the Push for a Cashless Society?

Electronic remittance through the Internet

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  1. dan.w says:

    Unless America re-opens..and doe’s so will be over.Many businesses and many individuals are backed into a corner…work or fail and die.This is no laughing matter.The demonrats think this is all good fun..but satan and his little ‘pukers’ always mock what is true,lovely pure and right.Steal,kill and destroy are the mode of operations of the evil one.I pray president Trump kicks it into high gear..along with us Christians and patriots..and makes it ‘business as usual’.This IS a planned failure event’…The virus is real,just like all the ‘other ones’ why is this different???BECAUSE….’they’ are using it to bring us down.Lets flip it on them and make this false flag event vanish as though it never happened..and lets get rid of the marxist/communist/Godhaters from any sphere of influence.Christian..STAND UP for crying out loud.Now is your time to shine.Pray first.

  2. dan.w says:

    Whats behind the push for a cashless society?Control.

  3. dan.w says:

    While we are waiting for the rapture…we need a triple shot of discernment.Father God,America is reaping her rewards for all the evil we let get by us.The murder of the innocent children, name a few of the many sins we have piled high to Heaven.Make us real Christian soldiers..taking Your Word out into the streets,and where ever we go.Let fear fall by the wayside.You will not use cowards.Use us Lord…In Jesus Name,Amen.

  4. dan.w says:

    The scamdemic will go down as the biggest trick by the evil one and his minions in history.This affected the whole world..brought it to a screeching halt.Will we repeat this failure in the fall as this ‘virus’ could re-emerge as all viruses do.How have we been brought to ‘hiding under our beds’?…Just like an orwell novel…just keep repeating the lie….people will begin to believe it.I pray that Trump see’s ALL the enemies..even some related to him has a soros tie…He needs to cut loose and identify and remove all deep state players..get us out of the U.N…and WE need to pray like never before……because the other shoe is waiting to drop….[in my opinion].We have no shortage of enemies on our own soil who would and have locked arms to see our destruction realized.To many names and groups to name.Only the Lord can fix this……

  5. dan.w says:

    Every time someone steps up to do the right thing,like any one of our statesmen,i.e. Jefferson,Jackson,Kennedy,Trump..all trying to keep us honest,being backed by gold which are ‘just weights and measures’ as found in the Bible..the deep state of that age sabotages the whole thing.We were thrown for a loop by China..and now this tiny virus took down the entire world economy.Then,Russia gluts the market with excess oil as we are FINALLY acting somewhat independant from the saudi’s,and making our own…so..when we went off the gold standard in 1973,[thanks Nixon],that set us up for this.The ‘petrol dollar’ became our gold standard.We just got [one/two’d] by China and Russia.I believe the next shoe to drop will be..any nation,[China]…who has in the past bought our debt..will soon flood us with our own worthless dollars and go to another currency.So..we have no manufacturing,are told stay home/don’t work..The ‘checks’ that are coming are in reality Universal basic income…FOR NOT WORKING. Can you see where we are going folks?Planned murderhood is open for business,as is liquor stores and wallyworld…..considered needed businesses…but churches are not.Anyone see the big boot of communism/marxism on our throats??Let’s see how the protests go?Remember how the story line is going so far….Never ending lockdown,manufactured crisis.I do not like what I see now,or in the future for America…Liberal governors and socialist doctors are the ‘New President…calling the shots and weilding the power.I’m not an alarmist..just telling you what many won’t.This is the time,unlike any other for us to ‘call them out’..and WE THE PEOPLE stand up according to our constitution and God given rights and responsibilties.Why are we waiting for the shackles to be placed on our hands?..Is it because our minds are already shackled?We can die under our beds or we can at least die fighting back.Doe’s anyone else see or sense Trump has been ‘neutralized by the deep state?..sure looks like it from here.You can’t spend your way out of a fix when your money is totally worthless.Not a smart businessman move to me…..

  6. dan.w says:

    Every time I ‘crunch’ the numbers…This is what I get..In wisconsin..[.05 %] of positive cases results in death.Every time………..That said…Please Father God…work on Trump and us to get serious about full on repentance to You.This is bigger than any mere man or collection of them I know You put Trump in office for such a time as this.I just want to believe You are not through with him in Your plans.He has done so much good for all of us.Please don’t let him be conquered by evil men/women/satan and left twisting in the wind.Be his defender,Father God.I ask this in Jesus Name,Amen.