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  1. Re Syria says:

    What ever Syria does, it would do well to consider this:
    Isaiah 17:1
    The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

  2. Keith O. says:

    John, I absolutely can see God using Russia as an instrument of judgment. Or China? Or the Iranian supported Hezbollah sleeper cells that are reportedly already here in America-can you imagine a John Mohammed/Lee Boyd Malvo x 1,000 scenario? Or a combination of all of the above and more? The arrows in the Lord’s quiver are countless. I can also see the citizens of this once great nation going into a foreign captivity. And the President wants to unilateralely slash our nuclear arsenal by 80%? And if this UN Small Arms Treaty comes to fruition, then Yamamoto’s reason for not invading America because of a “rifle behind every blade of grass”, will be less of a deterent to a foreign invader.
    We know that the answer is to humble ourselves and seek to repent-but that just doesn’t appear to happening. I heard a pastor on a radio broadcast also make a comment about those who are just satisfied with accepting Jesus as Savior-but not making Him the Lord of your life. How many people do we know who are satisfied with being saved, but still want to live their lives THEIR way? Now is the time for every single one of us to examine ourselves and ask the Lord to point out anything that may be hindering our relationship to Him. We earnestly must seek His holiness and not simply be satisfied with being saved. May the Lord bless and protect all of us as the spiritual invisible war heats up.

    • Keith, what great insight God has given you. Indeed we must all pray for God to reveal anything in our lives that would be a hindrance to our hearing what He has to say to us and we must be willing to let Him shine a light into the darkest corners of our lives. May God bless and guide each and everyone of His children in these times and prepare us to be a witness for Him right up until His coming for his true church!


      • admin says:

        Barbara, did you ever contact me about how hydrogen peroxide helped your gums and teeth?

        • Hi John: I think there is another Barbara (one who is in the chat room). She must be the one you’ve been in touch with about the gums and teeth.

  3. Rev Pete says:

    Brother John,

    Do you see a drought of Biblical proportions happening this year?

    Rev Pete

    • admin says:

      Yes as the nation goes deeper into rebellion against God’s word and the curse hardens.

      • Rev Pete says:

        I have that same feeling. I am taking your advice and stocking up on food.

        Thanks for the confirmation.

        • Keith O. says:

          Rev Pete, A little advice…Unless you have a good generator and lots of gasoline, you may want to avoid frozen foods. Or unless you have a propane operated freezer. The people who were hit by the derecho storm lost everything in their freezers. If you have access to a pressure canner, you may can meat if you so choose. Dried foods, canned foods-just a thought.

  4. The local ABC News station just reported that the flooding here in some of the Houston area is the worst in over a decade. 80% chance of rain here in H-town tomorrow. Drought last year, flooding this year…

  5. The hard left reprobates will bring increasing judgements to “Amerika”…God Help the true remnant left.