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  1. Mr. McT
    When this war hits will it bring in the peace treaty that the Anti-chirst will bring to the middle east.
    Debra Lukas, MI

    • admin says:

      YES!!! You have it as on the other side of this war is the rule of the Antichrist.
      The people will beg for him.

  2. God, send the Paul Revere prophets to your sleeping church to cry out “Wake up, oh sleeper, and Christ will give you light!” The hour is late, and the night is far spent. The harvest is past, and we are not saved. The Lord is returning soon, and He said that He would come as a thief in the night. All of the world outside of the family of God, and most of the children of God will be unprepared and totally surprised at the rapid acceleration of end time events that are even at the door. We [the church] are in a stupor because of our intoxication [with the world] , and we are overwhelmed with the cares of this life, because we have lost our first love [for Christ]. May God have mercy, and wake up the slumbering bridesmaids before the shout [the return of the King]. The word of God warns the careless and the doubleminded, that they will not enter in to the wedding supper of the Lamb, if they have allowed the oil of the Holy Spirit to diminish to the point, where lamps have gone out. These will find themselves on the outside of the closed doors of the banqueting hall [heaven], where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Church of Jesus Christ, WAKE UP! God, have mercy.

  3. Rev Pete says:

    Brother John,

    Have you been sensing that there is something evil about to enter this world? I’ve been sensing it for about the last few days. I’ve been sensing that the last few days have been kind of starnge in the supernatural. That something is about to take place and that Satan is about to make his big move.

    Rev Pete

  4. Anne says:

    Just today we have had horrible storms in northern Illinois…trees down all over the neighborhood. 65 mph winds..i have never seen such carnage as far as the trees go. Yes, I feel something is going to happen as well. I walk around our block several times a day and I use this time to pray and talk to God. The end is near…because I have never been under such spiritual attack as I have this last year. Temptation on all sides, habits trying to revisit me and doubts pouring in on all sides. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe..all I know is that coming on this site I feel relief and know Jesus is coming at any moment.

  5. Dan .w says:

    I agree with you folks..The darkness is all around us,its as if you not only can see it,but feel it as well.The unsaved will get no help from political movements,because the conservatives are far more liberal now then the libs were even a decade ago.Its a sliding scale without the anchor of truth…which is Jesus.And religion can help no one,it only makes one proud and self-dependant.Our only real,everlasting hope is found in a man.Not just any man,but the GodMan,Jesus…who fulfills the fathers will perfectly.Only He is fully qualified to take our sin debt,and exchange it for His righteousness.but…we have to ask Him to.It is a heavenly exchange.Our worthless life,doomed for destruction without Him,for a place in paradise with Him.He paid it all…We offer nothing but Godly sorrow and empty hands.

  6. danc1957 says:

    Isaiah 17:1
    The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
    I believe this may be months or even weeks coming to pass. It appears the fuse is lit and there is no turning back. Assad feels he’s backed into a corner, he may lob some WMD’s into Israel. Israel will respond, probably taking out Damascus.
    Also I believe America’s fate is sealed, I just don’t see a
    II Chronicles 7:14 event happening, but God is on the Throne and prayer can change things…