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  1. When Obama won the election I just sat down and cryed. I knew this man was evil and that he would bring down this nation even more, but I had to remember that God is in control and Obama is doing God’s plan. How else can God start his plan of the tribulation to take his children home.
    We can only pray that God will protect His children and for us to witness the Good News of the Cross. Let take as many with us to heaven when God comes to take us Home. We can be stong in Lord doing His will. We may not be able to defeat Obama and our evil government but we can win if we stick together and keep standing for the Lord and keep doing what is right. We are the salt of the earth and we can still let our voices be heard.
    God still rains and always will, and even though it may seem we are defeated just remember that God said He shall laugh at the evil as He destroys them.
    We will have victory in the end becasue its already written.
    I cant find a good church in my new home land so I give my tites to help the 700 club and Joyce Meyer bring salvation to the loss and help feed the childen and give them hope to a dying world.
    God bless you all
    Debra Lukas, MI

  2. Cynthia says:

    Debra I also give tithe to Blessing Israeli Believers, you may want to consider this as well, they along with Brother John are doing wonderful work saving jewish babies from abortion and also helping our jewish friends.

  3. Anon says:

    “The U.S. role in all this is hard to understand and harder to justify.”
    I believe if the author will read Bro. McT’s blog, he will learn the underlying reasons for the “U.S. role.”

  4. Danielle says:

    Welcome Home !! Thank you, Brother John, for keeping everyone informed. I know you must travel to do this, but we all sure miss you when you are gone … it is not the same! @ Debra … Yes, I remember that day as well. Usually do not have any “visions” as such – but the night of the election, as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw a black snake inside of a house & a voice which said “The enemy is now inside the camp!” Months later at a women’s praise meeting as I shared this, 2 other women stated they had the same vision that night! The only verse that comes to my mind at this time is “Come quickly Lord Jesus!” – Shalom

  5. Hi Cynthia
    Thank you. I would love to help the Jewish people all I can. Do you have a web sight that I could to go.

  6. Hi Danielle,
    Wow! I think God is telling us something.

    Mr Mc.T we do all miss you so very much when you are away. I’m so glad your back and safe.
    One day we shall meet, and I believe that day is coming very, very soon.
    God bless you and your family and thank you for all your hard work

    • admin says:

      I am delighted that my ministry means so much to you.
      Keep looking for the coming of the Lord Jesus!!!

  7. Dan .w says:

    I believe you know who will [win]…a second term.Why do I say that?Think how far we’ve gone as far as entitlement mentality goes.There are more takers than givers,and they don’t want THEIR check cut off….Why work when walking to the mailbox can pay more than some earn?We are in the midst of a pragmatic,socialist society.It will collapse in on itself because takers only can produce misery and hard feelings.Believe it or not,the sooner God judges this nation,the less severe it will have to be.We will never find obama’s records because his time is not yet up.[My opinion]..Perhaps God,in His infinite wisdom saw fit to give him to us because,like ancient Israel,we cried for a king…and so we have one.He is the mirror image of apathy,and of those who elected him.God is famous for rewarding the just and the unjust.Now,on to the harbinger topic..Folks,lets be Bereans.When reading a passage of Scripture I look at who is speaking,to whom it is addressed,what is the topic,timeframe,is it written to a specific people at a specific time,or can it generally apply to all people?Remember,a true prophet of God is 100% accurate,and from what I’ve discovered,the harbinger falls short.God never makes mistakes,and He dosn’t need us to [help Him along]to make prophecy come true.A prophet who was not 100% correct in the old testament was stoned or killed.That says something about how serious God feels about prophetic utterances.Do the research before we say it is of God.Remember,God is not insulted when we check things out.Christian are thinking people.God Bless you all….Dan.w

  8. Dan .w says:

    In regards to my earlier post,I’m not saying God isn’t trying to get our attention.,However,I believe we are in a ‘curses’mode,because we’ve as a nation rejected the blessings or better yet,we’ve rejected the One who blesses.I see it all around me as America and all surrounding nations are in trouble.This is however not Israels judgement,but America’s,and the nations being warned and pleaded with to turn to God.Christ,not politicians,is our only hope.The person who is running as a consevative is every bit the liberal as the democrat is…check his record.Yes,folks,only Christ is worthy of our trust.Politicians are just that,politicians. Dan.w

  9. I just want to says Thanks for the Tuesday prayer meeting which I listened to in archives. I appreciate the discussion you had about how when we set our mind on heavenly things, we lose our desire for earthly things. The song is so fitting “Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus”. Also I was blessed by your message of the Blessed Hope. We are looking for our Groom – Jesus with hope and anticipation! Thanks Dr John.

  10. Ali says:

    Israel has homosexuality and promiscuity running through its streets. Do any of you even know who rules Israel? Yes, the Knesset of which 99% are non-practicing Jews.

    Wake up and do your research before blaming Obama, Mursi and Islam for your own evils. The orthodox Jews are outcast in Israel and the country is run by peverse leaders some of whom have rape charges against them.