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  1. Cynthia says:

    Brother John there has been a tragedy in our family and we would like to ask for prayer. My son was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday and we need all of the strength we can get to face the days ahead. While we were in Dover awaiting the return of his remains we had long discussions with the chaplain there. When we get through this I would like to share what he said. May the Holy God of Israel return soon, that is what I am longing for.

    • Mary says:

      I am in shock and tears as I read your post. I am lifting you and your family up in prayer. I can not even imagine how you are feeling right now but I pray that the Lord shows Himself and allows you to feel His presence. Know that we are here for you.

  2. John, All of this has not just happened. Nor has it been without a total controlling cause. The years of destruction foisted upon foolish Americans is now reaping its deadly fruit. We have been systematically destroyed in all of our religious,cultural, historical, sense of national identity. The people have willing sent their sons to wars of the NWO, have ignorantly supported the filthy schemes of the “federal reserve system” that destroyed the sovereignty of the USA. We left the protection of freedom to the destroyers of freedom, the psychotic liars in government, and gave them their due. We as Christians are guilty of being fools for giving alleigence to men and corrupt leaders, quoting as the excuse Romans 13. We have a Constitution, not a friggin king!!!! We are captive of our own sloth and sin and neglect. We as a nation have sent our children to the mind control, brain washing, God hating American Colleges and universities and wonder why they become perverts, hard left activists, haters of good, haters of God and haters of America. We are all FOOLS, and deserve the coming destruction of judgement from God Almighty. We are nothing but captives awaiting the coming, for sure, camps, death squads, and the head chopper at the end.

  3. John: I sense the urgency of your post. You are blowing the warning trumpet (shofar) loud and clear. Just the articles about the continued advancement of sodomy and their threats to burn churches, etc. should be warning enough. Also, the extreme vindictiveness of the media and even a mall against Manny Pacquiao’s stand against homosexual marriage is an indicator of how vicious the sodomites and their supporters have become. Your voice of the closeness to the “end of America” is now added to others who for other reasons are also proclaiming the end is near for our once great nation. Sadness is overtaking me and the need to stay within God’s will is so very important for each and every believer now!

    There is one military type item that I’ve seen mentioned in only one place and is somewhat “scary”. It seems that Russia has what has been termed as several thousand troops here in the USA supposedly for some kind of training exercise in Colorado. Is there any way to confirm this information and the significance it may have for our country?

    I love that scripture that you used at the beginning of your post, Malachi 3:16-17. Even those of us who do not have a church family at this time can “speak often to one another” through your website and through the two broadcasts that you and Geoff do. Thank you so much for bringing unchurched believers together.! May God bless you and protect you and Goeff!


  4. John,
    I live in Taylorsville NC & you really need to check out what’s been happening in Maiden NC which is not far from where I live. Pastor Charles Worley from Providence Road Baptist Church has been preaching against the sodomites & he has really stirred up a hornets nest with his preaching. I listen to Charles on the radio almost every single day & he is a great man of GOD who preaches the Word of GOD. We really need to lift this man up in prayer & support because the sodomites are openly protesting him & their is a big rally this Sunday in Conover NC that will no doubt be attended by so called Christians (backslid or have never slid in as I call them) that will be out for blood. I think he was right on line with his comments, & support him 100%. Thank you for the work that you do as I read your post every day. GOD bless you.

  5. Gary says:

    John, I think you are right that the sodomites will resort to violence against their opponents. I would not be suprised to see violent confrontations on the streets between Christians and sodomites, or individual instances of violence. I sort of expect it.

  6. Mrs. CJB says:

    Lifting you and your family to The God of All Comfort, Cynthia.

  7. Oh Cynthia, my heart is breaking for you and your family! What can be said except that you will be in my prayers–may you feel God’s presence, His love, and His strength holding you up at this time. Maranatha

  8. Megan says:

    I just stumbled upon this site, but do believe in the fact that America has gone into greater judgments the more and more we curse Israel. Our pastor also is preaching with a great sense of urgency for judgment coming soon.
    I want to convey my deepest sympathies to Cynthia and her family who posted above. I am very sorry for your loss, especially on this Memorial Day weekend. I will pray for you Cynthia. I cannot even imagine what you are going through. May His everlasting arms uphold you at this time.

  9. Dan Wessel says:

    Dear brother John,and brother Geoff..both of you are so right on when it comes to Biblical discernment of our times.New Sodom is emboldened,but the Lord will take care of it.Us true believers are being singled out on all sides because satan has his outposts,and followers.Many who’claim’to follow God are really on the devils side,not realizing they are aiding the enemy.Replacement theology is a biggie,as those who downplay or dismiss Israel,its people,and their importance in God’s agenda.When we don’t check out scripture for ourselves,being led by the Holy Spirit,we can err into error.God’s Word is absolute and our final authority.Doctrines of men have crept into the churches.I know both John and Geoff would as I and most of you reading this rather lose friends than ‘lose God’.We are to warn and expose false teachings,and teachers.I’m thankful you guys are walking ‘God’s’ line to the best of your ability,trusting only in Christ’s completed once for all sacrifice.If I or any man who claims to follow Christ is in error,feel free to show ‘me’,or us the scriptures,so we can be restored.Pride is not a hill to die on…but it is no shame to die for properly following the Lord.God Bless you faithful watchmen and women….Dan.w

  10. Joni says:

    Cynthia, my heart goes out to you and your family.
    There are no words I can say, except Thank you that you raised a son who was willing to do what the Military requires of them. I know there is a special place in Heaven for him and you, there would have to be. There is no pain like your pain. I am the mother of one child, a son, who was in the Marines, and is a disabled Purple Heart vet now, after 2 tours to Iraq. He is the sole surviver of two incidents, and lost 6 friends, he wonders why him? Why did he survive?
    I am so saddened at your loss, you and your family will be in my prayers. I have no words.
    God Bless you Cynthia,

  11. Brian says:

    Cynthia, Thanks for raising a godly son who was willing to give all of himself to protect and defend our great country. What a terrible loss, but also what an honor it must be to personally know such a hero. This loss stings. But take heart: One day, perhaps soon, you will be reunited with him in the presence of our Lord and Saviour. There, you will never be torn apart, and all the tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy and gladness. May God bless you this day, and follow you all the days of your life.

    Megan, do you perhaps attend Moody Church in Chicago? I’ve heard Dr. Erwin Lutzer is preparing his congregation also for the coming judgment of our nation.

  12. Dan .w says:

    God has His remnant..Most of those who read this post belong to the Lord.The evil one is having his ‘day’right now,and for a season,will be sucessful..but his days are numbered.All those who follow the devil will personally see and experience the full effect of the wrath of the Lamb.Today,we hear about the ‘god of love’…He is trotted out ad nauseum in an attempt to shame us to silence,so they can frolic in unchecked sin.One of the most missused Bible verses is ‘Judge not lest ye be judged..’They have no idea how to properly apply it.It is gold cast before swine to a lost person.If J esus is your Lord,Savior,King,and you are led by God’s Spirit,you can rightfully use this verse,the whole verse,because you have first come to the mirror and light of Scripture and have been forgiven and cleansed,now able to help your fellow man out

  13. Tom says:


    Yesterday was as a nation set-aside a time of remembrance and commemoration for those in the military who have served this great land and have consequently paid the ultimate sacrifice in performing that service.

    As Born-Again Evangelical Believers in You, we are reminded how they have followed the path that your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ has demonstrated for us–so that we may live abundantly and freely.

    Lord, we ask for special favor and blessing to be bestowed upon Cynthia and her family on behalf of her son who has added his name to those honored. We ask for a hedge of protection, an in-filling of peace, love, and strength to surround them and guide them.

    Lord, we hold up our grieving sister Cynthia for comfort and calmness that only You can provide through your Holy Spirit.

    We pray in the name and authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    In His Service,

  14. Danielle says:

    @Tom – Did not know how to pray for Cynthia …thenI saw your prayer & just repeated it from my heart. I cannot even imagine … @Cynthia ~ I have never walked where you are walking now, but I know the One who has. He will carry you until He carries you home to be with Him AND your son. We will meet you there at last & ALL of this pain will be no more. Keep going …we are almost home. ♥