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  1. I am paying for your eye problems. You might ask your doctor to subscribe steroid drops. This does wonders.
    God bless.

  2. John, yesterday on the news, it was highlighting European nations that are all ready to go under. As I watched, each country was 3-D’d one at a time. I watched and my immediate thought was….the END is nearer now than ever. The world is RIPE for a MAN WITH A PLAN….and it will take a Satan inspired man to do it, as no normal human will ever have the answer!

  3. John, its 2035hrs here in Chicago (although, with the financial woes lately, some people have resorted to calling “The Windy City” “Chitroit”) and “The One” and the royal family have flown in to attend the wedding of Valerie Jarret’s (a female protptype of the False Prophet?) daughter, further adding to the turmoil this city is currently experiencing. The parts I personally find most interesting, however, are that after the wedding, “The One” is flying to Los Cabos Mexico for the G20(I believe) Summit…..just about the same time the National Weather Service said a Hurrican was going to possibly make landfall. How would you like to be a Believing member of that entourage (if there are any) and have to make THAT flight?

  4. Dan .w says:

    The military is going to start celebrating homosexualiy….Can anyone say judgement…….

  5. Dan .w says:

    Thanks for being there brother John,and fighting thru the Spiritual battle…theres alot of prayers going out your way.God Bless you sir,Dan.w

  6. T.J Darbe says:

    I live in Colorado where the fires are raging. The city and mountains were blanketed in smoke the other day. It reminded me what you said about the natural disasters we are seeing in relation to Gods coming judgement. Judgement is here. It is hitting home for many Christians who seemed detached about all this before but not enough take it seriously. God is on target with Judgement. Pray that God will open the eyes of whats left of the church in America. We pray for your eye Pastor McTernan and for your health in general. I can see a time when the far left reprobates will go full speed at silencing our voice. The few who speak out that is. Stay strong in the Lord.

  7. Joni says:

    John, so glad your eye is better, Praise God!
    I am sitting here, thinking about the “knees” and the “eye” and how they pertain to your work for The Lord.
    It’s obvious it’s satanic.
    Seeing and Standing.
    We will keep you in prayer.
    I have the CT scan scheduled for Monday.
    They call it “restaging” but it SHOULD show no evidence of cancer, if the treatment worked.
    Needless to say, I am a tearful mess with worry.
    This will begin the 5 year countdown to be considered cured. I got away from the docs for a short while, and loved it, I dont want back in their grips it seems!
    I think and hope Jesus will be back for us b/4 5 years anyways you know?
    Please pray for a clean scan.
    Thank you,
    God Bless us all,