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  1. Dan .w says:

    I believe there were alot of watershed years,1963 being one.It actually goes all the way back to the garden of eden,when we bought the’lie’.That lie has costed everyone far more than we could afford,making Jesus death,burial,resurection our only way to be reconciled unto God.’Good Christians’fail alot..fake christians don’t give a whip about anything but their evil appetite,and throw anyone under the bus for their next ‘buzz’,or whatever…When Christ throws on the light..It will be evident for all to see who were really the Lords,and who were pretenders..We are at the end of one disspensation.moving to another one…God help us all.

  2. JH says:

    re:removing bibles
    “This is so difficult for me to accept”
    John, there are no words, humanly speaking.
    But, there is: Luke 18: 1-8
    Lord, help us to remain faithful to you.

  3. Way back in 1943 or 1944 when I was 8 or 9 years old (when I declared Jesus as my Savior), I had some wonderful Sunday School teachers. One of them told us something that I have never forgotten. I think it was when she was trying to get us to memorize a lot of scripture and she told us that a day might come when “they” would come and take our Bibles–that they would no longer be allowed.

    When all the new versions came along, I sort of thought maybe this was the way Satan was taking away the real meaning of some of the scriptures and that it would not be necessary to outlaw our Bibles–but with this article I am now beginning to wonder if maybe owning a Bible will become against the law, especially the KJV version; or perhaps someone will write a “state” bible (like the Koran) that will be allowed, but none of the other versions. Anymore, sadly to say, I am no longer surprised at any laws that are being made or will be made against Christians.


  4. Dan .w says:

    We have lost the fear of God…Be sure that He will remind us.Bible prophecy points out that we are near some terrible times,but also near to meeting the Lord.Real churches should only be full for a short time,equipping the saints.Then the saints,[us],should tell others the good news…It should be a complete turn over in faces at church,as new believers are given doctrine and walking papers to engage society.Instead,week after week in many congregations,pablum is given instead of life saving truth.People get their feel good for one more 1/2 hr,then back to the worldliness.You can only reproduce whats in your dna..If the pastor is lost,and has the worlds message,they only make more lost people.Ask most Americans,they’ll tell you that they are a christian..not real ly knowing what one really is,not knowing they are not one. We are in a sad state.I’m so glad that Christ said that He would build His Church.I believe Him.God Bless all of you.

  5. Cynthia says:

    There was a correction at the end of the article about the decision to ban the “military” bibles from the base store shelves that I found very disturbing. They were correcting the fact that the group was stated as being atheists when in fact they are claiming to be Christians:

    Correction: Thursday, June 14, 2012:

    An article on June 13, 2012 about a military edition Bible incorrectly described the Military Religious Freedom Foundation as an atheist activist organization. The group says its members are largely Christian and that it advocates for the separation of church and state rather than atheism.

  6. Joni says:

    I wanted to share the good news I got today.
    I had the CT scan yesterday, and after being in a vicious battle for almost 10 months, the scan showed NED, No Evidence of Disease.
    I do not have the proper words to show my gratitude to Our Lord for hearing our prayers, and answering them.
    I also do not have the proper words to thank all of you on the blog for your faithfulness and prayer.
    I am amazed, I finally heard it officially today.
    I still have 5 years to go, and a lot of tests along the way until they call it “cured”.
    But today was a huge step.
    Thank you, Thank you,
    I wish I had more words, but I know you understand.
    God Bless us all,

  7. anne says:

    Joni..that is wonderful! We are rejoicing with you !!!

  8. Brian says:

    Hi Joni,

    This is totally awesome news! Congratulations! We indeed serve a miracle-working and prayer-hearing God. To Him belongs all the glory.

    – Brian

  9. catherine says:

    Hallelujah. Praise The Lord and thank you for healing Joni.

    So happy to hear such joyful news. Take care Joni.

    God Bless

  10. Dan .w says:

    Excellent news sister Joni…May God bless you continually…Dan.w

  11. S.O. says:

    Praise the Lord! Such good news, Joni. May our great God continue to uphold you and bless you. In Jesus Name. S.O.

  12. Mrs. CJB says:

    We are rejoicing with you, Joni, and glorifying God for this great report!