Daily Digest: Commentary and Israel

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Yes,the world is in a very precarious position right now..we wait for the other shoe,[or sandal to drop…Israel knows what it has to do,its doing it..Our country and others are still playing fast and loose with the God of Israel.Two kingdoms are being built,side by side..but only the Lords will indure..the other one will perish,along with the hopes of all who foolishly trust in this worlds system.Cling like plastic wrap to the only Hope of mankind..Jesus.He is forever faithful and will not leave you at the alter like the world will.If He has saved you..He will keep you..thats peace of mind and of heart..We await you Lord Jesus…Dan.w

  2. I’m saddened by an article you posted a couple of days ago – the one showing the Minnesota National Guard patrolling the streets of Crookston, MN. I did some research and checked with relative of mine who is a retired MN Guard officer. I sent him that article asking for his comment and it follows: 1. Craig, that site is a very good example that if you take enough
    divergent (irrelevant) data over enough time you can weave any story you
    wish. The advent of the internet has allowed people such as this author
    to take a stance and earn a living, as a quest speaker. From what I saw
    he had data from over thirty years and collected untitled and undated
    photos and story lines in support of a pre-determined position he wished
    to take. i.e., don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story line.

    2. Some of his photos go all the way back to the aftermath of the Watts
    riots in California. A volatile situation to say the least. I can tell
    you, that riot had at least four sides to it, depending on the vantage
    point you started from. It is true no federal soldiers can assume a
    local police status unless Martial law is declared by the local
    governance and a request forwarded to Washington. In Minnesota that
    elected official is the county sheriff, and he is only requesting
    Minnesota National Guard resources. In the case of the Watts Riot it
    was the governor of California. Not to belabor the issue he requested
    federal assistance for two reasons: (1) He had no armed National Guard
    soldiers available for the first many hours of the riot. (2) He did not
    have the funds to pay national guard soldiers anyway.

    3. The Minnesota National Guard unit in Crookston, Minnesota is one of
    the units tasked with the state of Minnesota mission of “Riot Control”.
    I’m positive that their training was coordinated with the local
    sheriffs office and part of the State of Minnesota’s Emergency
    Management Action Plan. Further, they would not have any live
    ammunition for such a local training event. If California had had a
    more actionable plan, they may not have had to ask for federal
    assistance. A further note, the picture shown in the artical of the
    Cookston unit is at least 15 years old because of equipment and uniform.
    Regards the comment about Feb of 2011 training in the local community,
    that was just prior to their deployment to Iraq, so I suppose they may
    have done some training in the local area, don’t know? They do live there.

    4. After the Watts Riot there was Intel that certain communities here
    in the
    Twin Cities may have an interest in doing a similar riot to ethnically
    clean certain neighborhoods. We rewrote the States of Minnesota
    Emergency Management Plan so that the state leadership would have armed
    Minnesota National Guard soldiers available. I do recall some
    accelerated training requirements after the Watts Riot to be sure.

    5. Our military, active and reserve forces have shrunk considerable
    since the end of the cold war. I suspect the real story should be can
    the active components accomplish any of their missions without the
    support of the reserve components?? And even with such support can they
    meet the defense needs of the United States of America.

    5. I have forwarded my response to you as well as the information you
    provided to the Adjutant General’s Office of the Minnesota National Guard.



    • admin says:

      Thanks for taking the time to respond to the article.
      I reread the article and agree with what the author was stating.
      I am not going into details of what he wrote other than after rereading it I agree with it.
      The US Army now having a home land command is enough for me to stand up and take notice.
      And, if the National Guard is going to have maneuvers through a town,
      this should be publicly announced way a head of time with lots of warning, plus why they are doing it.
      God bless you.

    • admin says:

      Chuck, thanks for contacting me with your opinion about the article.
      I reread the article and agree with it. The article highlights what is going on across the nation with the National Guard, federal government and Homeland Security.
      See this article that again show what is going: “Military training in the middle of Miami jolts residents out of bed” http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/08/2789687/military-training-in-the-middle.html#storylink=cpy