Daily Digest Commentary: Knowing Truth, Armageddon, New Translation of the Bible

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  1. Howie Mann says:

    Hiya John,
    Contact me please, I’m a friend of your friends. Other than that, the comment ” I just feel that later on this year could see the outbreak of the war that leads to Armageddon”, this I doubt. We will need to go through the Gog and Magog war first, which are not the same wars.

  2. hisown1 says:

    John Mc T I’m in awe!

    Last week I shared with you that your April 11th post was the third affirmation to what the Lord had been showing us at another little place of fellowship and here you have gone and done it again!! LOL

    On Friday night the Holy Spirit led me to share what was so heavy on my heart at a bible study group the Lord has just put together ( we are brand spaking new and so excited to see how the Lord is doing a work and NOT man )

    I recommended your page as having a pulse on the things the Lord has been showing the body since early 2006 . I know that many are very ” suspicious ” of what comes pouring out of my mouth -( no filter there ) and may even accuse me for setting this up . But this I know that the Lord is preparing His own for the dark days ahead as we watch Israel being surrounded and the soon coming judgment on those that deceived her 🙁

    Also just to build you faith up more. Last night I was led to listen to a local pastor and was again blown away at how the warning was the same of what we discussed Friday night as well. Don’t you just love how no man is able to refute what the Holy Spirit is doing? No denying that He is showing us it is time to rely on Him, His power, His spirit and His blood as the dark clouds of evil descend on this earth.

    My faith has been boosted and thank God for those that LOVE and FEAR Him, those who refuse to remain silent and will not be shaken when this scripture becomes a reality-Isa 14:12 — How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

    The Lord has given the body a gift – “the five smooth stones ” and have seen that the battle is His all we need to do is walk in faith and relying on Him as darkness descends. I will share this if you wish ?

    I also praise God for the same scripture confirmation and the wise shall understand affirmation 🙂

  3. Gloria says:

    Wow, prayers for you, dear bro in Christ for indeed God is warning and alerting all those who dare not be silent and speak His Truth!. I , too had felt such an urgency to lift up our president having no idea he was going to afghanistan so I placed a pix of me with a small face statue of him on f.b. and asked for ppl to pray. For we as a nation, are called to pray for our Leaders that God will direct them and seek His wisdom. When following day, saw the events taking place out there and the violence even his helicopter also had suffered a close call. I love Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel so very much and know God blesses a nation that blesses them and curses us too if we curse Israel. I love the msg you posted and thank you for it, too helps us intercessors continue praying for our world leaders and nations all over the world. May the Lord bless you mightily and continue sharing with us His word to expose those things we have not been told n to share with all others. sincerely submitted, gloria