Daily Digest: Floods, Famines, Fires, Etc.

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thanks for telling us like grown ups,and not watering down the message brother John.You are loved and appreciated because you are a faithful shepard..not a wolf or an hireling.Woe to those false shepards out there slinging cheap grace,the one sided false god of their own making.In order to go to Hell,one has to jump over the Cross to do it..and there is no shortage of highjumpers out there.May God pour His blessing and protection on all His faithful…Dan.w

  2. in the OT, the bible says that the OT God was filled with LOVINGKINDNESS,,,,SLOW TO GET ANGRY,,,,EAGER TO FORGIVE THE REPENTANT,,,

    in the OT, 300 bible verses describe the LOVINGKINDNESS of the OT God

    God tolerated gross sin for many years,,,,,,but when He saw that a City would never repent,,,,,,He destroyed that city for it’s wickedness

    Sodom was very wicked, for many years,,,(pride,idleness, full of bread, didn’t help the poor),,,,,,so God turned them over to homosexuality as a SIGN,WARNING,JUDGEMENT,,,,that they would miss out on the Heavenly Marriage (Bridegroom+Bride),,,,,,sodomy is God’s last final warning+Sign to a city before God destroyed it

    Egypt was very wicked for many years,,,before God destroyed it in the TEN PLAGUES

    Canaan was very wicked for many years,,,before God told Israel to kill every man,woman,child,baby in the 7 Canaanite nations,,,,,,,,and God gave Israel their land,cities,farms, vineyards, homes,

    God called OT Babylon to destroy Israel (when Israel was wicked),,,,,,,but later, God destroyed Babylon for it’s wickedness,,,,,,,,,God accounts for EVERY sin and crime…………my sins were punished and accounted for, on the Cross of Christ Jesus………Praise Christ!

    the OT God is the NT God ,,,,He’s the same God,,,,,,,,our Lord Jesus Christ is the OT God,,,,,,,,,Isaiah 9;6,,,,,,,,the child,son is the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, MIGHTY GOD, PRINCE OF PEACE, EVERLASTING FATHER

    how can the Son be the Father?……..in the NT, Jesus said,,,,”THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE.”

    the Holy Trinity is obvious in the Bible……..the 3 are 1……..Father,Son, Holy Spirit

    God is good to all people,,,,the righteous and the wicked,,,,Christ sends His rain and sun to all people,,,,,,,,,His Goodness and Grace is intended to bring us to repentance,,,,,,,,,Don’t despise God’s Grace which should lead us to repentance!

    in these endtimes , we have a great GAY PRIDE movement,,,,,,,A SIGN FROM GOD THAT WE ARE AT THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION AND WRATH OF GOD!

    Thank Christ for His WARNINGS!

  3. Please put me on all of your newsletters and other information about your ministry. Thanks so very much, and God Bless you and yours abundantly. Marjorie