Daily Digest: Romney, Israel and the Middle East War, Floods,Famines,Fires,etc.

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  1. Lynda says:

    With choices like that for president, I don’t want to vote for either one it’s like voting for the destruction of America.

  2. Dan.w says:

    Yes brother John,you are exactly right!Politics will not save this nation.If you can have ‘log cabin republicans…],the game is over.I used to think 3rd party might help,but now know better.Democrats are so far left,they ARE commies.Republicans…with the exception of one or two individuals out of thousands,are the new democrats.And truth be told,you can’t secure a border,when they are already in power.We ARE being judged.All countries,[ours included],murder more of their own citizens in peacetime…i.e.abortion,euthenasia,ect..than are killed in all wars.Satan is still prince of the power of the air,and though death was defeated at the cross,Satan still holds title deed until Jesus comes back.That is why Jesus did not dispute his offer on the high mountain.This world and its lusts are fading fast…But,God’s plan is right on track,no one can derail it,and Jesus is soon to come for us…not a moment too soon.Storm clouds at all sides..and I have total peace because of Jesus,and His perfect sacrifice…..It’s available to anyone who wants it..but you must come to God on His terms….Admit you are lost and sinful,acknowledge you can’t save yourself,ask Jesus to save you…Only He can….

  3. Val says:


    How can one anyone define marriage as being one man one woman and in the same breath, define family as…whatever blows your skirt up (sorry).

    It is tragic that kids are being subjected to miscreants and decadent individuals who define their very being because of their sexual perversion. It makes it more and more difficult for me to even conduct business with such individuals as I realize that they are so antithetical to all that I believe in. It is a dilemma sad to say for me. Maybe it is time I start walking away from such business so that I no longer have that conflict.

  4. Steve says:

    Living in Utah, the heart of the Mormon faith, it is amazing how there is absolutely no news about Romney’s stance on Homosexuality. Thanks for keeping us informed Bro. John. The LDS faith which basically owns the media around here, has perfected the action of whitewashing the truth.

  5. Matthias says:

    Thanks John for your daily updates! It’s awesome how things are accelerating right now – especially the collapse of Europe. As you always say, it’s so important to be close to the LORD – it is tragic how so many people are living their lives relying on the government or sth else in a false safety and don’t want to believe the truth.
    John you mentioned Psalm 83:3. I have a question regarding the term “hidden ones”. I recently listened to a talk given by Chuck Missler about this topic where he conjectured Psalm 83 must be taking place after Jesus coming for his Church (because we are then raptured, hidden). I never noticed this before. What do you think about this?

    • admin says:

      I have thought on this many times and is in teaching section.
      Psalm 83 is about Islam coming against both the Jews and Church.
      I believe that the church is on earth at this time.
      God bless you.