Daily Digest: September 29. 2008

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The 700 Club reported on 9/30 that Olmert says that Israel will have to up Judea and Samaria,Half of Jerusalem to accommadate the a-rabs having their own state.I hope he winds up like Yithak Rabin and Ariel Sharon.On 930-10/1 WorldNetDaily is reporting that Israel IS STARTING TO EMPLOY THE SAME TACTICS to delegitimzie their citizens in Judea and Samaria the same way they did right before leaving Gaza Strip.Once again I hope that that rat Olmert winds uplike Rabin and Sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    An example of the strong delusion blindness now at work withing the comatose church. I see it every day among fellow believers who chatter about fables and ignore what is going on today in their midst.
    They are dead silent on the Bush Push to divide Jerusalem.
    The overwhelming majority ignore ,never once mention who is pulling Olmert’s strings,who is behind the puppet poushing his agenda of a Palestinian state on land ethnically cleansed of all Jews.
    I’ve notice this for so long ,even Israel is afraid of offending their god George who seems to be ‘protected’ has he does his evil work. Even the Church has no salt to obey Epehsians 5:11 and covers up his evil deeds.

    Thank you for being bold enough to speak the truth in these days of strong delusion where the salt has lost its savor and is goo for nothing but to be cast out.

    It’s no coincident that the US stock market dropped 777. points on the eve of Rosh Hashana.
    It’s a wake up call to see that the idol they have trusted in for no peace is crumbling and to RETURN TO HASHEM.
    As I have said time and time again ;America will not save you ,she cannot even save herself.
    One thing America can do is treacherously betray Israel and that is what the U.S. HAS DONE.
    Isaiah 28: 14-22
    God bless you !