Democrats Consider Becoming ‘More Ruthless’ After Losing Brett Kavanaugh Battle

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  1. dan.w says: all I can say to the picture of ‘horney harvey,hellery the grim reaper,and huma the wiener handler lady’…pulled the cover off of satans poster children……wow…..

  2. dan.w says:

    Those socialists on the left need to be watched ‘before they act on their threats’.If our system of protection for our citizens and politicians is not what it needs to be,it is because we have insiders who have been allowed to infiltrate our govt,and need to be warming jail cells,along with those who put them in place.Barry Soetoro,the Arkanside duo,even the previous administrative heads were willingly ignorant or complicit in this not so quiet coup that is breaking wide open in our day.All of them would be walking the plank if George Washington was still alive.Even though confrontation is what the ‘other side’wants…if we pretend it’snot happening or don’t fight back to win,America is lost.Some are to busy with their favorite team to be concerned or bothered with this.There is no America 2 to run to.We can pray and fight,or raise a flag of surrender and lose all.I would rather lose all fighting that do nothing and let the devils progeny take it.It’s not is America worth fighting for,but are you worthy to fight for it.Be wise as serpents…but harmless as doves.Don’t look for mere man to save you…this is big…God big.