Democrats-Republicans Now Battling over Jerusalem

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  1. Thank you John for all the complete and timely information. I thought Dinesh D”Souza’s movie Obama’s America 2016 would be enough to reveal to all of us in America that this was about the transfer of ownership and wealth in America, downsizing and diminishing America’s freedom, wealth, and military power globally while unifiying a coalitions of nations that would surround and proceed to distroy Israel.

    And now, “The more than doubling of Muslim delegates at this year’s Democratic National Convention.” As they pointed out, Obama understands the American dream; he has used and lived it to now be able to proceed with the “Dreams from his father.” We have been deceived and betrayed!!!

  2. Not a stretch to see that four more years would continue the cleansing of not only the party platform but also reveal the America they foresee.

  3. sdavis says:

    Fox just shown Ms. Shultz for the liar that she is. They just played an audio clip of her saying what was reported (and she claimed was a “misrepresentation.”) This party is hurling headlong into depravity and dragging this country with them. God help us to prepare and depend solely on Jesus!!

  4. Mary E. says:

    This just in…according to Yahoo News. The DNC has just added GOD and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to their platform. I wonder what prompted that….?

  5. dthimm says:

    I like your comment on Dems drop “God” from Party Platform. You said that “It is really best that they do this”. I agree in more ways than one. Who is the God they refer to? The hard left rhetoric and fruit isn’t compatible with the God of the Bible that true Christians know and serve. Their platform mocks the true God, while exalting homosexuality and abortion. Then there are the politicians, on both sides, who refer to God , but which God…….the muslim God? the mormon God? the universal God? They love to use the word “God”, which has become a generic term in our society. None refer to the Lord Jesus Christ. His Name, for many, is taboo today and offensive. How tragic, but then Jesus said that this is the way the world would be, it would hate Him, and His followers. Of course, we do not have a theocracy today, but someday we will when the Lord Jesus Christ reigns on earth. His platform will be “A Rule of Righteousness”.

  6. Dan .w says:

    Some people fear man more than fear God.It is a faulty argument to say if you don’t vote for Romney,its a vote for Obama.Those two choices are not choices at all.This is a devils game,don’t fall for it.We have been lessering ourselves of evil right to the steps of hell itself.Incrementalism is a belly crawl to perdition.I cannot vote for satans understudy,no matter if it be republican or democrat.We have these poor choice of leaders because sinful men want human kings who can give them’stuff’.These ‘kings’are a direct reflection of the people who put them in office.Neither a lost mormon,[mason],nor a rebel muslim America hater represents me in any way,shape or form and to pretend they do would just be delusional.I don’t want to see America judged..but..could it be,that they are a whip in God’s hand to mete out what a Holy God see’s we have coming?Think about it..and where we are on God’s prophetic timeclock. Proverbs 29;25

    • pam says:

      To Dan.w: Amen to all of that!! You are absolutely right! I was going to comment but you covered every point.
      God’s prophetic timeclock revolves around Israel and it will begin ticking when every nation has aligned against it. And which one hasn’t? Then the good news is that the Lord Jesus cannot be far behind in coming to take His people to be with Him. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we won’t endure persecution until that day. And that has already begun.

    • Mary E. says:

      Thanks Dan,well said. Now I know how to respond to those who are in shock when I tell them I am not,CAN NOT vote for either candidate. While at a family dinner over the Labor Day holiday,I was asked about voting for Romney. I replied that I could not vote for the man. Even though my family are Christian,the response was predictable,”If you don’t vote for Romney,then it’s a vote for Obama.” I explained my stance on Romney,but it was to no avail. They are intent on voting for the lesser of two evils. As I prayed about it later,I felt like the Lord was saying to me,”You can vote for the lesser of two evils,but you are still voting for evil.”

    • J Kitty says:

      What you say is true. But we as Christians must vote. We need to vote for a Christian, maybe this will offset Obama being elected. While I can’t stand either of their policies, I would rather see Romney win than Obama. All the Christians who say they won’t vote, should reconsider this as an option, to vote for a real Christian instead. And all those Christians who say, “I’m voting for the lesser of the two evils” are still voting in evil–there is no way my conscience will let me do that.

  7. B Metcalf says:

    When have we had a Christian President? Have you ever voted for a Christian politician? How about a person with good moral values?

    Don’t vote and get Obama again. Only 6% are undecided. The Progressives, hard left will never vote for anyone but Obama. This election could be decided by 10 or 20 votes. Some elections in history have been decided by one vote. Google it. Not presidential races, but other items have been decided by one vote. Every vote counts.

  8. Who is the lesser of the two evils. I dont like that Obama does not stand for Israel, but Mitt does. I dont want either one of them in the white house.
    We are in end times and this has to happen so Christ can come and take us home. We are the last generation and we still need to do right in the eyes of the Lord but His will be done.
    No one can stop all that is happening no matter what we do, but we still must do all we can if that makes any since.

    • J Kitty says:

      Does Romney really stand up for Israel, when he wants to divide it? Have you forgotten his ‘two-state solution”? I agree that we cannot stop this, now. But we can still vote for a real Christian & it will offset Obama somewhat. While I do not want Romney, I SURE don’t want Obama & his “I need another 4 years to finish what I started” bringing America down to a 3rd world country. Maybe we can slow it down some from its downward spiral into oblivion. The US is not seen in prophecy, because it is not a super power any longer in the tribulation, & this is why. But it will ‘tag along’ in the fight against Israel in the end, if it’s not blown to bits by then, or sunk by the New Madrid & other earthquakes.

  9. Rev Pete says:

    America has just moved to the head of the list of nations that God will Judge harshly for what it has become. The Democtratic party has become a party of Godlessness. That was evident when the Democratic Convention delegates booed at restoring God to their platform. God be with us as End Time events quicken.

  10. T.J Darbe says:

    Pastor JM
    I have spoken with some my fellow pastors, and was alarmed though not surprised to find that there is a huge lethargy among church leaders just in my city toward the situation in our nation. The dominiant oppinion is, ” we don’t need that to worship God” or our nation is to big and the system will never let that happen” or ” Christians have their place and they need to stay in it”. Whoe Nelly!!! It does not take a stretch of the imagination to see our churches is not only sleeping but snoring away, blissfully ignorant. We must draw ever closer to the Lord and fight the good fight, but we must not only invest ourselves in the next generation, but the whole process of government and involve ourselves in active citizenship and prayer for the nation to influence it for Christ. I have followed you for a few years now, and you have “hit the nail on the head.” Those kind of attitudes pervade the church and you and I are thought of as “over the top”. We as a church have become so used to luxury and comfort, and prosperity we have lost our first love… Christ. I have visited other countries and seen Christian persecution first hand. The American Church does not seem to have a clue what is happening. Having said that, keep up the great work of the Lord. TJ

    • admin says:

      You hit the nail on the head and this is what I have been bucking my entire ministry.
      Many of them are hirelings and not true pastors.

  11. cookielady says:

    The Democrats long ago became the Party of the Scarlet A’s: Abortion, Avarice and Abomination. Everything in this world at this point is about the ultimate choice, and everyone is taking sides, even if they don’t realize it. In the end, there will be only wheat and tares, sheep and goats, Christ or anti-Christ. The Democrat Party has made the choice as consensus. Now, it is up to the individuals. The true disciples (not just “followers” or “believers”) will continue to stand up and make their voices heard. We started a church fellowship out of frustration with the cultural pollution that had seeped into our former church home. We are still very small, and take no pay from the flock, and we don’t care about that. We are set like flint to preach the truth of the Word without compromise and to make disciples of Jesus Christ, instead of the Laodicean do-nothings churned out by dead churches today!

  12. jthimm says:

    Pastors yesterday were suppose to be Watchmen. They were clueless, asleep. Is it any different today? I remember the 1950s. Life was good, militants were in their respective closets, jobs were plentiful, gas was .25 cents/gal., American autos were cheap, the engine of the economy was full steam ahead. To me those were great days to grow up in. The young people today have no clue what life was like back then. Then the shocks started to come with the atheistic supreme court banning God and prayer, opening the doors for the humanists to accelerate their hidden agendas. Quickly my world was changing, it was no longer innocent, evil was replacing good. The pent up militants were unleashed out their closets, attaching themselves to the humanists and liberals. The brats from the 60’s woodstock frightened our institutions, easily taking over, now running our country. The race to change our culture was on, and today that change is complete. Satan is in his glory, you can see him openly in yours and my face, orchestrating life and our thinking. I see this great change to my country. Yes, it seems to me the 50’s was the age of innocence and good times, and I have to admit I do miss my first new car, a ’56 chevy convertible. But that was all yesterday, I was a different person then, wild. Today I’m a follower of Christ, being rescued from the big false church of works. I have new eyes and new ears, and I try to tell others the good news, the free gift of salvation. Stepping out in faith telling my friends the good news, does have consequences tho. And I include family members also, who think I’m losing my mind. I pray and grieve for them, because I want to see them with me in the Kingdom. I can’t keep silent when you know the truth. We are commanded to tell others the truth, no hide it. Family, relatives, and friends, I tell them about the wonderful free gift, and leave the rest up to God. If I want to see them in the Kingdom, I find a way to tell them now, and hopefully they will realize the Good News is FREE. Wouldn’t it be great I knew all this 50 – 60 years ago? So, go forward, step out in faith, tell others. You have nothing to lose.

  13. Pamela says:

    Much as I would prefer to have a strong Believer in the White House … in practicality we do not have that as a choice. So, in faith believing, God can use non-believers for His purpose and design, I will vote for Mitt Romney for President. He purports to be Pro-Life, Pro-Israel and for protection of marriage between one man and one woman. He seems to have biblical morals and courage to tackle our nations problems. If he is lying, he will answer to God for it.

    If I don’t vote, I will answer to God for it. As a citizen, it is my right and my duty to vote. If we end up with Obama again because of “Christian” abstention, and you didn’t vote… What exactly would we have gained?

    That’s like voting “present” as Obama did so many times.

    God bless our nation, grant us mercy and give us peace,

    • Mary E. says:

      I understand where you are coming from and at one time would have completely agreed. I believe that each person must take the time to pray and seek the Lord regarding who to vote for or not. I also feel we all need to respect each other’s decision. If the Lord has given us these two men to choose from as a judgement on this Nation the end result will be the same. I find nothing in scripture that tells me God demands that I vote or that I will have to answer to Him if I don’t,even after seeking Him on the matter. If I’m wrong I invite any correction and I will repent.
      God Bless!

  14. Anne says:

    I am just so confused…who do I vote for?? If I say I am not voting, people will be in utter horror. I say who cares!!! I will not vote for a Mormon. I will not vote for the lies!!! Does this mean we shouldn’t vote? Because I will not contribute to evil! Yes, God is in control and these things must happen..but I will not have this on my conscience. Everyone is so happy with Romney!! It makes me sick..and these are’Christian’ people. Can’t they see what he is?? I am sickened. But we know this must happen…I feel as tho things are reaching a boiling point…the lid is going to come off. Thank you John for this site.

  15. Question? says:

    If Hitler was running against Romney today, would your conscience tell you to stay home and do nothing because hes a Mormon? How is it that Christians, who are filled with discernment about the times we are living in,can see no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party? How can they call them equally evil?
    Satan has deceived many christians into staying home this election, when every single vote will matter, and while they argue against it, they are still voting Obama back in, by doing nothing. I wonder if there are any alive today who voted for Hitler and wish they could go back and change their vote? I have heard many compare Obama to Hitler, but not one person, has compared Romney to Hitler. Why is that?

    • admin says:

      Romney is pro homosexual and will lead the party down that path.
      I have documented all his pro homosexual on my blog.
      He is for the two state solution for Israel which has got us into this mess in the first place.
      He was a big time pro abort as governor of Mass.
      The Mormonism is just one factor.

  16. Have you noticed that Obama hasn’t mentioned Romney being a Mormon? Why is that? Because Christians are doing the job for him. He doesn’t have to lift a finger. Christians are doing the job of trashing Romney, who has one hundred times the moral character of Obama. Leaders are supposed to run things here so that we can live in peace. Romney is for religious liberty, Obama is slowly taking it away. Christians may just decide the vote this year if they influence and encourage eachother to stay home. What a great deception and what a loss of religious freedom we will reap.

    • admin says:

      What do you say about Romney promoting the homosexual agenda?
      He is going to keep the military with open sodomy.
      He believes in homosexual adoption.
      He wants homosexuals in the Boy Scouts,
      He wants more homosexuals in the Republican Party.
      He personally brought Planned Parenthood in Romney care for abortion.
      He is going to continue to divide Israel.
      What more do you want! He is bad news and we are under political judgment by the LORD.
      I suggest that you send more time repenting before the LORD than promoting Romney.

  17. Remember when it was time for Israel to leave Egypt, “there arose a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph.” This was YHWH conditioning the people to want to leave. Before that they were doing quite well. So maybe Obama and/or Romney are preparing us to long for Yeshua’s return…
    Also, remember:
    “You ask, and do not receive, because you do not ask sincerely, you ask in order that you may satisfy your lusts. Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that the friendship of the world is enmity with YAHWEH? Whoever, then, purposes to be a friend of the world is an enemy to YAHWEH.”
    (Jas 4:3-4 HRB)

  18. Dan .w says:

    I realize we have no perfect candidates to vote for.I for one see no one I could vote for this time around,presidentially speaking…And of course,[no pun intended]..Jesus is not on the ballot.The republican party,eventhough there are good people in it,have allowed the ‘LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS’a plank or platform..If you’ve never heard of them till now,you had better find out more of what they stand for…NOT GOOD.The Repubs are only democrat ‘light’.Abortion is still law of the land,Homosexuality isn’t spoken out against.These two parties mimic the same party line…Its the economy,we need more jobs,ect,adnauseum,..It always revolves around money…Why?..because..thats..their…..god. When we make ‘the economy’ number one focus,its like pruning a dead tree.The root is what we need to attack,or all effort is wasted.The root is sin,but lost people cannot see that,and cannot differentiate between religion,and true christianity…We need repentance from us..the real church.We need brokeness of heart from us…Lets call out to God for mercy…Only from Him doe’s our true help come.

  19. Anne says:

    Thank you. If I vote R, then I have voted for dividing Israel,homosexuality and who knows what else. We know how and where R stands BEFORE this isn’t like we found this out after the election.

  20. The democratic party is using MRomneys stand on abortion,(which he is against except for rape or incest)and his stand against same sex marriage etc against him because hes not liberal enough for them. Misinformed, Christians are saying that hes lying about his stand on those things. How can he be against abortions and same sex marriage and for abortions and same sex marriage at the same time? Do you see whats happening here? Mean time Obama smile’s through another 4 years handed to him by deceived christians, while he finishes the job of stripping this country of its religious freedom, and completely removes any traces of God that are still left. Romney promises to repeal Obama care and stop funding to planned parenthood. Those are facts. He defines marriage as between a man and a woman and considers sexual activity outside of marriage a sin. We can’t say any of that about Obama, who when it comes to morals and integrity,is sorely lacking.

  21. Tom says:

    In 2002 Mitt Romney stated that he was Pro-Choice…..then in 2011 he stated that he is Pro-Life.

    In 1994 Mitt Romney stated that he was for Gay rights….then in 2002 he stated that he was against Gay rights…then in 2006 he stated that he was for Gay rights…then in 2012 he stated that he was against Gay rights.

    In 2002 Mitt Romney stated that he was for Gun owner rights…then in 2004 he stated that he was against them…then in 2007 he stated that he was for AND against them…then in 2011 he stated that he was for them.

    In 1994 Mitt Romney was against releasing his tax returns…then in 2002 he was for releasing his tax returns but never did…then in 2012 he has resisted all requests to release his tax returns.

    In 2008 Mitt Romney stated that he wanted his “Romney Care” for the entire nation…now in 2012 he wants to repeal Obamacare which is based on Romney Care.

    In regards to dividing Israel and creating a two-state solution Mitt Romney has continuously obfuscated the issue which really didn’t become clear until the RNC platform clearly indicated that he wants to divide Israel.

    It’s getting difficult to tell what Mitt Romney is really for and against.

    In His Service,

  22. The left knows exactly who M romney is and hate him because they’re afraid he’ll move the country too far to the right. What are they so afraid of, if they think hes one of them? M Romney was pro-choice early in his political career, but became an abortion opponent when he was confronted with a bill on stem cell research as governor of Massachusetts and God dealt with him through his conscience. Since then, he has opposed abortion except in the cases of rape and incest. Those are facts that are never mentioned by Christians who want to paint Romney in a bad light. When was the last time Obama mentioned sin? Romney believes sex outside of marriage is sinful and as a former Pastor, with morals, calls it SIN. Obama doesn’t think anything is sinful, doesn’t care about God and covers up religious symbolism wherever he speaks to make that clear. Hes clearly against Christian values and wants to change everything our country stands for. Obama wants to shake the foundations of our country, by acknowledging gay marriage as legit. M Romney has always believed marriage is only between a man and a woman. Don’t pass over that important fact. When has MR ever changed his mind on that important issue?

  23. Fact check says:

    In the 2008 election it is estimated that thirty million evangelical christians stayed home causing Obama to win the election by ten million votes. Because Christians stayed home, our country got Obama and none of us has had a good night sleep since. We have no one to blame but ourselves. And now we’re fixing to do it again, by encouraging others to stay home. To say that the Republican party is just as far left and anti God and anti christian morals and values as the Democratic Party is to distort the truth. There are many christians and good God fearing moral people in the Republican party who are working very hard to uphold freedom and righteousness, while the left is doing everything they can to take it away. There is a very clear and distinct difference between the two parties and what they value.
    Do we want a man of integrity and high moral values in the Wh House or someone that is clearly in over his head, who doesn’t have a clue.

    • admin says:

      Fact check,
      What do you think God thinks about electing a pro homosexual Mormon as president?
      I would like to make a suggestion.
      How about spending your time repenting before the LORD that He has allowed
      Romney and Obama to be our candidates. This is political judgment on the nation.
      I think that is what is needed rather than schilling for Romney.

    • Mary E. says:

      Soooo…,you are blaming non-voting Christians for Obama’s win,instead of the sins of this Nation? I voted in the 2008 election and saw the writing on the wall before I even cast my vote. There was no way Obama was going to lose,the die had been cast.

  24. pam says:

    Bill Wilson has an article over at and posts the positions of both parties. Definitely worth the read, especially the part about who was praying at the beginning of the Demo. Convention.

  25. Tom says:

    On May 17, 2004 then Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ordered all Massachusetts town clerks to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. He stated that if the town clerks didn’t like it they should resign. The first gay couple to wed in Massachusetts was Tanya McClosky and Marcia Kadish thanks to Mitt Romney.

    It could be true that Mitt Romney has always believed in marriage between a man and a woman, but it could also be true that he believes in marriage between a man and a horse or 3 chickens and a school girl. Neither necessarily negates the other. It depends on what the definition of the word “believes” is as opposed to what “is” is. Hmm?

    Cheese Whiz, I’ll say it again; It’s getting difficult to tell what Mitt Romney is for or against.

    In His Service,

  26. DR John, I thought you might be interested in this – The National Post and CTV News are reporting that Canada has severed all diplomatic ties with Iran today, closing the embassy due to Iran’s threats to Israel and Canada has also designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism. Canada’s John Baird said this ” Diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended. All Canadian diplomatic staff have left Iran, and Iranian diplomats in Ottawa have been instructed to leave within five days,” Minister Baird said. CTV’s political commentator Craig Oliver suggested that perhaps top level officials in Canada may have got information from Israel on their plans of war on Iran as Canada is a close ally of Israel.

    (NorthernSparrow from Canada)

  27. Brian says:

    There is a difference between Obama and Romney. By trying to tie the two together as the same, I think you’re not being a source of light to the readers of this blog. I could go on, but I’d rather share an excellent opinion column by Caroline Glick, of the Jerusalem Post, who makes many of my points far more eloquently then I can.

    God, Jerusalem and American Foreign Policy

    Also worth reading:

    The Great American Worldview Test — The 2012 Election

    • admin says:

      Brian, my suggestion to you is to shop schilling for Romney and repent before the Lord Jesus that
      He has allowed two candidates like these to run for president.
      We are now under political judgment and you are complaining that I am not a source of “light”.
      Romney is pro homosexual marriage and seem to think that is a minor issue with the Lord.
      He wants to divide Israel.
      Please humble yourself before the LORD who now has America under judgment.

  28. One good thing separates MRom from Pres O, and that is Pres O, is evolving backwards, such as originally believing marriage is between a man and a woman, and now he believes in, and condones same sex marriage. Mitt Romney many years ago approved abortion as OK until he learned the ins and outs of it, and had a change of heart towards the good, because he actually has a conscience that works. I don’t think I can say that about his opponent. Now M.Rom firmly opposes abortion. So he is evolving in the right direction, or more likely he is becoming braver to stand up for what he has always believed in his heart.
    I believe M Romney will continue to “evolve” towards the good, as has been his pattern. And Obama will continue to “evolve” towards the evil, thats already in his heart which has also been his pattern up until now. Which means that if he gets another 4 years, then we ain’t seen nothin yet. By the end of four years, we won’t recognise this country. What is gained by staying home and giving a man without a conscience even greater power to use against the people?
    Some Christians have an unnatural loathing for Romney that makes no sense.

    • admin says:

      He has already evolved to support the entire homosexual agenda.
      What do you think the LORD will do about this?
      Just ignore it because Romney is elected?
      Once again, instead of shilling for Romney, get on your knees and repent
      that God has allowed such a man to run for president.
      We are under political judgment so act like it and be humble before the Holy God of Israel.

  29. If we have repented before the Lord and are praying for Him to heal our land, then we should also DO something. We should encourage each other to vote, and lay a foundation the Lord can work with. Pres O has already given us 2 very liberal supreme court justices. While we are never guaranteed that a conservative will vote conservatively, we Are guaranteed a liberal will always vote against Godly principals. These justices that may be placed in the next four years, if they are liberal, will undo any good work that a future Christian president may try to do. Pres O has a particular problem with Israel. Its not the Senate, not the Congress, but this Pres who is hostile towards Israel. Thats why its so important for him to be replaced.

    • admin says:

      Yes, he needs to be replaced but with who?
      There is no political solution to this but trusting in the Lord and crying out to Him in repentance.
      I suggest that you spend time repenting before the LORD, if you have not ready, for the two candidates that are running for president.