Dems and the Death of the Middle Class

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  1. dan.w says:

    I believe the dem party will continue…in name only,as it is already the satan/marxist/sodomite child killing party that hates God.Just like planned parenthood is a health clinic…[NOT!].Democrats don’t have a lot of children..they steal our’s and indoctrinate them in’s of brainwashing..and they import them on our dime..and they crank out future voters bent on being their shill’s..until we dissolve into nothingness.No body runs to communism or its countrie’s..but they come here to make us what they run from…make’s no sense.We have crossed…I believe..the tipping point in this country.Obummer did what he wanted, his rails were greased..The Clinton crime family has a ‘body count’…but who’s checking them..not Mule ‘hair’….Islam,political infectness,and thinskin crybabie’s rule the roost now.Who stand’s up for our president and turn’s the table’s on the pot calling the kettle black.???Rhino’s..the lot of them.Can them all,Mr.president,and get REAL men and women who love Jesus in their place.Keep Sarah Sanders Huckabee..she’s great..and Dr.Carson too…..The art of the deal..Shuffle those cards……It’s O.K…Your the prez. Toss the dead weight and the professional liartician’s…Let Mule ‘hair’ answer his charge’s..He need’s a cell with his name on it.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…Please bless this ministry..and all aspect’s of it.Give it leg’ reach around the world for the glory and honor of Christ,Amen.

  3. d says:

    I just wanted to apologize brother John,on the ‘lost post’stuff…What I believe happened is after I post something…I check it where it say’s it is being moderated..and I..[my mistake] my mind..what’s left of it…saw it as posted…when it was not.You did nothing wrong…even the evil one is off the hook….My fault entirely.Please forgive me as I was not trying to slight you in any way….my brother…Are we good?