Dems: Communists and Muslims who hate Israel and America

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  1. dan.w says:

    The old testament and new testament always give real world examples and parallels concerning our relationship to God,and to others..There are real blessings and real curses.We see that when nations turn from God,blessings subside and curses return in relation to how far we have walked away from the Lord.When the citizens become evil and base,and flip 180 degrees from all that is right,just and true from the Lords standard…we can and do see invaders from other lands,diseases becoming rampant,wickedness on the increase,weather and nature rebelling.We are in an Isaiah 5;20 moment.God cannot wink at sin.When the majority of a populace ‘gives God the finger’…you know it won’t be long before He acts on behalf of His Holy Name.Mr.Trump being ‘elected’ was truly a miracle.I don’t think many people grasp the miracle or significance of it.This was not a popular majority vote..if it was,Hillary would have won.No,God opened up His ‘toolbox’, His grace..[which we don’t deserve]..gave us one more shot at standing for Him.You can see,for the most part,the salt has lost its savor,[influence]..and is being trodden under foot of men.Whoever is president next will not be anything but judgment…The ‘game’ is rigged.The communists/marxists/God haters have their tools out too.Propaganda/money/drugs/threats/violence…

  2. dan.w says:

    The ‘witch hunt’ continues…they can’t get anything on Trump….They need to look in the mirror to see the ‘perps’.For 8 years plus,I was trying to alert people about Barry..and the clintons..but it fell on deaf ears.Truth is dead in the streets.I know we have a good end…it’s the middle part I’m not crazy about…Now,hopefully I can cheer you all up….a little.Here’s a senior joke I heard…I don’t remember how it starts,what its about,or even who told me…but I know you’d of liked it,if I could only remember it…man…it was good.Heh,heh,heh…..

  3. Dave B. says:

    Always great “insights” from brother John. Dan W. I appreciate your comments and would like to communicate with you in the future. God bless you and brother John and your loved ones. Here, there, or in the air!

  4. dan.w says:

    Thank you brother Dave.B.I don’t post on any other site,this is it.It’s all about Jesus.Sometimes the Lord gives me a ‘heads up’ on things..I’ll pray about something and the next day or’s like WOW!!..I won’t pray for patience..that would be scary.I,like most of you out there sense a new sense of urgency to reach the lost.Time seem’s to be ‘speeding up’ in our lives in general,prophetically more specifically.Thing’s are coming into focus,then BAM!,here come’s another thing.We need to stay focused on Jesus,keep Him front and center,because the deceiver is kicking it up a few notches.I personally believe one of our biggest challenges ahead will be friends/family/and the lukewarm cultural church.The last one is going to be a challenge,because I believe they will ‘sell us out’,or rat us out to the globalist’s.Kind of like in communist countrie’s where the govt’s get everyone paranoid about their neighbor and ‘snitching’ will be rampant.KNOW who you can trust and with what info,so you don’t get sidelined before your time.We are like a quarterback that has to make serious yardage because the game is almost up.Make the most of the time God has given you,same with your talent/treasure etc.God bless all..Thanks brother John.

  5. dan.w says:

    If brother John feels its appropriate to give you my contact info,I’m o.k. with it brother Dave.Thanks,God bless.