Dept of Justice forces employees to affirm ‘gay’ agenda

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  1. GaryB says:

    How much more of this insanity can we accept? Christianity and homosexuality are enemies. There can be no toleration from either toward the other. You can be assured that the homosexuals and their allies will not tolerate Christians, and if they have the means and the opportunity, they will try to destroy us.

  2. sage_brush says:

    John Kerry/Cohen should pick up his ancestor’s Torah and give it a read.

  3. B. Ross says:

    This is frightening for me personally as I have witnessed this first hand. I have never mentioned this before, here or anywhere else, but I have been a DOJ employee for 21 years now. Every year we go through what we call “Annual Refresher Training” which touches on all aspects of our job where I work. Last year this was hinted at in our ‘diversity’ class. This year during our ‘diversity’ class it was really being pushed onto us, specifically mentioning LGBT and transgenders. After only sitting through about five minutes of this garbage I got up and walked out. Not one person questioned me for walking out but I made myself very clear that I was not going to let the DOJ or anyone else for that matter indoctrinate me in trying to get me to accept or approve of this abominable behavior. Not one person followed my example. Since that day I printed out a copy of my church’s “Statement of Faith” and I carry it with me every where I go. I have warned many of my co-workers that this was coming and many of them told me that it would not get as bad as I have been stating. Well, I got news for them. I have been on vacation for the past week and will not return until next week. If I come across any of this info at work that you have posted here John, I will let you know. I am also going to print your info and share it at work with everyone I meet. I have only 3 years and 5 months that I have to do until I will be able to retire, and a maximum of 10 years and 5 months for mandatory retirement. I am seriously considering announcing my retirement in 3 years and 5 months. I won’t go into details about where I work but let’s just say it is an evil place. Many people are surprised that I even work in a place like this. I give all the glory and credit to God for helping me to be set apart from the rest.

    May God continue to bless those who are truly his! O Lord, how I need your strength and wisdom for such a time as this. Amen!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Please pray for his protection in this environment as it is now hostile to God and Christians.

  4. Sarah says:


    Thank you for your diligence in the postings. Please keep speaking the truth, this is one of the only web pages that hasn’t compromised the truth. I check several times a day to see if you have posted anything.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am delighted that my blog is such a blessing to you.
      I wish I could post everyday but it takes so much time.

  5. Joni says:

    I know it all has to happen.
    I understand every jot and title in The Bible is true and has meaning.
    I am just so shocked at how fast and furious the evil has rushed in on us.
    Feels like a tidal wave.
    I guess because I just came through my own war, that lasted so long, I was hoping for some relief about this time.
    The evil can surely wear one down, thats for sure.
    Thankfully we have the blog, and the radio time to re-energize us.
    Thank you John, Pastor Fred, Pastor Don, Dave and Willie.
    Praying extra protection over all of you for the work you do for us all.
    God Bless us all,

  6. Joni says:

    @ B. Ross, just saw your post. Thankful to God you would stand up and leave the room, scary tho, when one depends on their job I am sure.
    Praying for you.
    God Bless you B. Ross, I have always enjoyed your postings here.
    Please keep us apprised as you are able.
    Hopefully you will not have to choose a retirement date, Jesus will choose your earthly departure date before that time.

  7. Gary says:

    just pulled up a calender of events national wide for Gay Pride month. I will be using it as a calender of what cities/areas to avoid during their “celebrations.” They are all over the country. Between the DOMA decisions expected this June and these events, I believe Johnny Mac is going to be busy this upcoming month. Why do I have a feeling this country may not survive as we know it until our next birthday?

    BRoss, I’ll be praying for you.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I was very busy last June which was Gay month, with fires, droughts, heat wave that the inland hurricane which went from Chicago to Washington, DC.
      It appears that the same is going to happen this.
      As it is happening, I will document on my blog.

  8. Irene C says:

    Brother John, I also thank you for the diligent work you do for the Lord. Your words are sometimes frightening but they are truly a blessing.

    @ B. Ross, I will be in prayer for you. The Lord has pulled me out of two jobs; one I was “fired” from due to the ineptness of a supervisor and the other I had to resign when I had to take care of my mother who became too ill to take care of herself. Praise God she was healed. My husband is under employed so we needed my paychecks (so I thought) to survive. By God’s grace, we have survived without my paycheck since July of last year. I have no idea how but I know Who has taken care of us. Every time I talk about going back to work, the Lord puts a road block in my path. In my human flesh, it is stressful, but the Lord has it all under control and I can praise Him.

    I’m a weather geek and the one thing I’ve noticed is the weather in the North East. They have been getting hammered lately. I feel the Hurricane Irene was a warning shot and Superstorm Sandy was a shot across the bow. The majority of the North East states now allow gay marriages so I see a correlation. Then there was the terrorist attack at the Boston marathon as the icing on the cake, so to speak. So although I believe the West Coast is due for the “big one”, I believe that the East Coast is due for another disaster.

    Just watching everything that is going on in the world, I believe it won’t be long before God says “Enough” and our Bridegroom calls His Bride Home. I am so ready. Maranatha.

  9. Lori says:

    Thank you John and everyone here that is standing up for God and His holy word! This has been a place of refuge for me. I’m praying for John and his ministry and the others here that follow along! Lord Bless you all greatly!!!

  10. R. Wayne Burrow says:

    John, you have my gratitude for the effort it takes to compile these articles and put together a post. I always share them with my friends just so they can get the info…sometimes with a comment from me, sometimes not. Read your book about a year ago and keep it on my nightstand as I refer to it often. Keep up the good work and may God bless it as well as you. ~ Wayne ~

  11. Norman Page says:

    John – by way of offering some consolation to those who are upset by the DOJ HR policy: I’ve worked in public service in the UK for 37 years, and should have retired long ago. This sort of thing is also happening here, though its possibly a little less strident. However, the whole ‘Christianized’ world is going the way the Bible warns us – a sure sign of the times, and a parting of the ways. But despite the upset we all feel, God is in control. Because of grace, there isn’t one of us who can boast: “…such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor 6:11). Some of us will know what it is to have divided households – even as per 1 Cor 7. We may have found that decades of frustration and argument will not circumvent the truth of Jn.1:13: we each were born (by believing on his name), ‘not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God’.
    Now to come to my point: when I joined the public service, I always recognized that I’d been ‘bought with a price – I was not the servant of men’. Praise God, I have always walked in that. I’ve been privileged to survive some very difficult confrontations, but the Lord has never failed me. Once people know you’re a Christian – not just in name, but also in very truth, they respect you and to some extent, imitate you (‘..rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.’)
    One time recently, during a so-called LGBT month, we were asked to facilitate any colleagues who wanted to ‘come out’. The HR website had a place for comments, and I think I was the only contributor. As gently as I could, I made it clear that ‘if people make such lifestyle choices, it was not right to expect endorsement – respecting one another was a two-way process!’ My statement was politely queried by e-mail, and I explained that I ‘d never treated anyone in a discriminatory way. I was able to give an example of a transgender colleague who came to me for help. I was told no-one expected we should ‘endorse’ anything, but the gist was that we should not ostracize, in a manner that could cause distress, even to the point of suicide! I was also informed this policy had come down from the very top of our government (and they aren’t hard-left, either – just typically liberal!) For years in the past I’d lobbied and prayed on many such biblical moral issues, and always, in the end, the tide was against us – the now worldly UK rejected its Puritan heritage. One could see ‘Ichabod’ above Parliament, albeit a significant minority had applied the brakes from within.
    Of course we all know what’s going on. This world is, after all, still blinded to Christ and his true Kingdom, just as the Jews were (and largely still are), and the spiritual descendants of Ishmael certainly are, for all their earnest devotions and strict moral ways. For a short time, the world will get another ‘christ’, who’ll come in his own name – and then watch out!
    We’re now going back to the times Paul lived in, and must follow the same directions the apostles were given by the Spirit. Yes, there will increasingly be
    situations where we must say ‘no’, whatever the cost. But by prayerfully exercising the wisdom of serpents, and the gentleness of doves we may yet occupy till Jesus comes, holding out the word of life – not only in word, but in deed, and above all, in Spirit – albeit, it will be increasingly difficult.
    Even so – look up, dear friends – your redemption draweth nigh – and rejoice!

  12. Barbara in VA says:

    to B. Ross: Thank you for sharing this personal info with us. What you are doing is a wonderful witness to your faithfulness to our Lord and Savior! God will give you whatever strength and wisdom you need to cope with your situation, you can be sure of that! I will certainly be praying for you! God bless you!

    Psalm 91:1-4 (KJV)

    1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

    2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

    3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

    4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.


  13. Julia says:

    B.Ross………I know you are freightened of your circumstance as this is normal for anyone that needs their income.Perfect Love casts out fear and you have not been given the spirit of fear,but of a sound mind that is set on a God of Love &
    understanding,who will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.I had to leave two Jobs for unjust acts I viewed and it was either stay & be no different than those standing for wrong or look up and say Father I stand with you and your righteous way.He held true to his word as I left he made a way where there was no way.(Numbers 23 V 23)”God is not a man ,that he should lie;neither the son of man,that he should repent:hath he said,and shall he not do it?or hath he spoken,and shall he not make it good”.I have chose to at whatever the cost to obey God and not man.
    1.)Acts 5 V 29-32
    2.)Galatians 1 V 10-12
    3,)Romans 2 V 29
    4.)Psalm 60 V 11,12
    I pray God will give you the strength that is needed in these days of uncertainty……He is faithful who promised.He truly does Love his people who stand for him.God Bless You.
    P.S.John I checked out your new website usa “What a wonderful site”. I truly enjoyed the dog segment as well of all the knowledge God works through you!You’ve come a long way since I came across you 8 months ago.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Next week I am launching the new website.
      I feel like a kid waiting for his birthday.

  14. dan .w says:

    I’m praying for everyone on this post.Father God.Do not give us what we deserve,but be merciful to us.Continue to show yourself to us,in a loving personal way.I ask only that you give not just your permissive will,but your divine highest calling,to bring Glory to you,and for the Name of Christ.Mold us to your liking and Your perfect time.Amen. Dan.w

  15. Mary E. says:

    @ B.Ross
    Over the last few years, the Lord has brought your name up, on several occasions, to pray for you. Now I know why. You are certainly on the front lines of the battle and I will continue to keep you lifted up in prayer. I have no doubt that the Lord will give you clear direction on the retirement situation. Jeremiah 1:18-19.

    Nice to see you on the comment section,again! I’m a fellow weather geek, too. Have been since I was a kid….a long time ago! I agree 100% with you on your comment about the N.E. The West is drying up at an alarming rate and the fire hazard is beyond dangerous. Although the Spring has produced a low amount of tornadoes, I can’t describe the grief I felt several days before the Moore,Ok. tornado. I knew it was going to be an eventful 3 days.

    @ Norman
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed about England. I have a soft spot for your country and Scotland. I will keep you lifted in prayer.

  16. Mary E. says:

    Looks like another set up for a tornado outbreak to occur this coming Monday through Wednesday. It will include pretty much the same states as last week. Time to pray….

  17. Loretta says:

    All of you encourage me daily as I come to this blog. May God bless you – each and all. B Ross you are in my prayers – stand tight!
    Let’s keep our eyes on the Word, Jesus Christ….. Hey, I’ll join you in the clouds…Lord keep us Rapture Ready!!!
    1Thes 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

  18. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi B.Ross, Truthfully , you can probably only sidestep their agenda for so long. Eventually they will come after you with a plan. One way they like to use to get rid of someone who dosn’t conform, is to use some devils advocate to create a confrontation with you intentionally. If you take it to a supervisor or human resources , then they will send you to a shrink. One that they are paying for. They will try to put a label on you and then shuffle you off on social security disability. Of course there are other ways too. Just one thing to watch out for. Also when someone is going through something that , or about to, that’s a prime time for the evil one to send some demons after them , to try and get them into fear, or doute or fealing sorry for themselves. Keep your faith in Emanuel ,and He will build it up even more. It can get pretty intense, but He really is with us who love, fear, and seek him early. Acting with foolish pride, will play right into their hands. The best way to handle it is face each day with a humble attitude , with love and joy in your heart and mind. When you give an answer , give it for their sake. If it eventually comes down to leaving, leave with a smile, no complaining, and if someone asks you if you have an ace in the hole, you know what to say to that. !
    Just some thoughts about your probable coming trials and temptations brother.
    Love to you.

  19. dennismann says:

    on Youtube, Constantine 1959 said recently (in his last video):

    God told him,,,,,,,”the usa has the leaders that the usa deserves”

    I believe that Christ has sent many storms, quakes, drought, wildfires, floods, and the Hard left to be chastizements to the usa and the church

    these disasters are Signs, Warnings, Judgements,,,,,,,,primarily they should prompt us to repent and be saved from death.

    adam sinned, so he died.
    Jesus, the 2nd adam, died in my place, so that He gives me everlasting life.
    Jesus gave every Christian AUTHORITY over demons and diseases (because they bring DEATH).
    We heal the sick by COMMANDING the healing.
    We cast out the demon by COMMANDING the evil spirit to come out.
    We preach the Gospel with the AUTHORITY that Christ gave us.

    It is all about LIFE AND DEATH!
    satan is death.
    google PASTOR CARL HENDERSON in the Philipines.

  20. dan .w says:

    God bless you B.Ross,and Norman from across the pond.You both encourage us,and our prayers are with you.Thanks.All of you are my family.I enjoy the comments and truth that get out here.Thank you all.Dan.w

  21. B. Ross says:

    I want to thank everyone who has offered up prayers for me. This truly means more to me than you may know. Although there is much concern for what is happening at the workplace, I can also tell you that I have such peace within me knowing that I have prayer warriors out there helping me fight this battle. I know that God is with me, for at times I can sense his presence. Thank you all, each and every one of you for your prayers and for the scriptures of encouragement.

    God bless this ministry and this family! I also will keep all of you in my prayers as well. Thank you!

  22. Debra Lukas says:

    Its so sad to see our country pushing God out and Satan in. There is a TV ad for auto ins that shows a woman leaving her boyfriend for a pig because the pig has better ins. What is next with man and sex.
    What a sick world we live in an just think what the tribulation will be like. Praise God that He has made a way out for his children.
    Debra Lukas- Mich

  23. Melany says:

    I’m late getting on this thread because I’m away from home right now, but I read these comments 1st time last night and said a prayer for you B. Ross & for John and EVERYONE here. If, as a homemaker, I am having to distance myself from so many things going on in the world right now, how much worse it is for those of you who are out in the working world, on the front-lines of all this upside-down thinking. My husband works professionally for the Boy Scouts so you know I understand. I’m sitting here with two greyhounds on the couch beside me, and I was just thinking ….. if Jesus came to the door right now, these precious animals would lay at His feet and know their Creator. People have been fighting against God since time began but we are in a whole new realm now.

    May God bless all of you, and always my thanks to you, John, for this website.

  24. dan .w says:

    Melany,being a homemaker,you also have a great part in this ministry.At the Cross the ground is level,and the Lord places each one of us where He can use us for His Kingdom and Glory.Prosper where He has placed you.You and your husband are a two braided chord,with Christ being the third braid.Continue to stand with your husband in Christ,and watch God move.God bless,all of you out there,in Jesus Holy name,Dan.w

  25. GaryB says:


    Now that the Boy Scouts have become a promoter of homosexuality and given God the finger, will your husband continue to work for them?

  26. Pamela says:

    More indoctrination into the genderless generation.
    May God pour out His spirist on all flesh!

  27. Cynthia says:

    I thank God for revealing this blog to me. When I grow weary, fearful, and hopeless, I come over here and leave renewed, restored, refocused and fearless. Thanks to all of you here who lift me with your words of truth and encouragement and to you Brother John for the continuous reminder to look up and stay focused on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and all will be well with our soul.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am so bless that my ministry means so much to you.
      We all must stayed focused on the Lord Jesus coming for His bride.

  28. Melany says:

    GaryB~My husband is soon to retire. Other professionals are considering early retirement or other employment.