DHS study: North Korea capable of EMP attack on U.S.

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  1. Donny Sath says:

    I too did pray for you, John, when you were absent at least 5 days. I remember you have said that you were battling your sickness at least a month. I had some invaders entered my body back in beginning of March. I had to take decisive action to rid of whatever it was by breathing silver into my lungs. For along time I was just hosting the invader. The congestion in one of my nostrils cleared up. Silver, the metal of redemption! Only in ionic form – don’t gnaw on a silver bar, please.


    • JohnMcTernan says:

      God bless you.
      I really do feel very good now and fun of energy.
      God protected me as it was dangerous.

  2. Donny Sath says:

    I know John will disagree with this, but according to one Bible teacher he taught that the 4 horsemen has already been released since Passover 2008. They all went forth at the same time to due their respective mission. Since 2008 was also the beginning of the new 7 year cycle, look where the completion of this cycle ends, 2015. My assumption is that the four horsemen will come riding in at the last blood moon – mission accomplished. So we have the Tetrad, 7 year cycle and the 4 horsemen all coming in conjunction with one another. Not only that, but also witnesses of the stars in the constellation Mazzaroth to confirm the released of the 4 horsemen. I’m not alliquant enough to explain about the Constellations. But I put an order in for a book title: Witness of the stars – by E W Bollinger? Yes, the judgments of the nations has begun when Messiah stood up took the scroll from the hand of him who sitteth upon the throne. Praise be to the Lamb who is worthy to take the scroll and open its 7 seals.


    • JohnMcTernan says:

      You are correct as I 100% disagree with the comment.
      Revelation chapter 6 does not take place until after the rapture of the church.
      In chapters 5 and 7, the church is in heaven before the throne and watches the Lord Jesus open the seals.
      This teaching is way off and I mean way off.

  3. Mark Gabrielson says:

    Note: The first blood moon begins 12:53 EDT early Tuesday morning.

    More info here: http://shadowandsubstance.com/

  4. Norman says:

    This morning I took in some good nourishment from Matthew 11 and 12. I must be getting near toi the Celestial City, because it is speaking to me clearer and clearer. One thing that struck me was ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand’ (Jesus’ illustration from Mt 12:25). I thought of Ukraine right now; and Czechoslovakia in 1938-39 (look up ‘Sudetanland’). Maybe time for some there to flee.

  5. Cynthia says:

    @Jodi comment #6….The link you provided reminds me of what took place at the Bundy ranch in Nevada and WHY:

    “The Nevada rancher who forced the federal Bureau of Land Management to back down last week may have been targeted because a Chinese solar company with ties to Sen. Harry Reid’s son wants the land for an energy plant, several websites report.”


  6. Johannes says:

    How strange to look at the Moon the night it became a blood moon;
    right above it was the planet Mars! This planet symbolizes war and destruction, and that is what seems to be ahead of us.

  7. Tom says:

    Ding Dong Kim Jong
    Ding Dong Kim Jong

    Listen to the ringing melody
    Joyful sounds for you and me
    Cheerful ringing disguised as funeral tragedy
    All seem to clang away
    A couple of years ago they threw their midget trash away
    Wrapped him in a Hefty Cinch-sak, hauled away top a 50’s Cadillac

    Ding Dong Kim Jong
    Ding Dong Kim Jong

    This is North Korea’s only Top 40’s song
    With every joyful ring
    All are caroling pretending to be wailing
    Everyone seems to hear
    Words of happiness and good cheer
    Coming from everywhere
    Ringing out from their polluted air
    Signs of hope out of dispair

    Ding Dong Kim Jong
    Ding Dong Kim Jong

    Those that pretend to cry
    Say their now dead great uncle is chicken stir-fry
    They so happy-happy-bye-bye
    Annyonghi Kasayo
    Annyonghi Kasayo
    It was time for the compact trash to go

    Ding Dong Kim Jong
    Ding Dong Kim Jong

    North Korea not-so-free-free
    Me so sorry no thank you please
    Jong Kim replaced with a mental minnie Minnie-me
    Rotten Kimchee cabbage to the core
    Little maggot threatens us with nuclear war

    Ding Dong Yong-IL
    Ding Dong Yong-iL

    His close family he recently decided to kill–assasinate
    Hi on Crack he did it for the thrill–what a reprobate
    Little maggot has EMP, threatens to destroy our electricity
    Wants to shock us were it really hurts, wants to destroy our our megahertz

    Ding Dong Yong-IL
    Ding Dong Yong-IL
    Little man mentally ill


    In His Service,

  8. Joni says:

    Brother Tom, our poet and official jingle composer, you have been missed!!!! Check in a bit more often would ya????
    God Bless us all,