Donald Trump Administration: Abortion Is Not Family Planning

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    God bless you president Trump.You are leading the ‘charge’ that the church is mostly remiss in doing.Like George Washington at the crest of a hill about to be taken by faithful Christians and conservatives should follow your lead and take back the ground we ceded by our absence in culture,politics,education,art,media..etc.You are God’s man to help cut the swath.If we lose this country,it will be because we did nothing to save will not be any fault of your own…You are doing more than many presidents combined…and you show true patriotism.God bless you and your family/staff/prayer team,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Jesus gave us a ‘mandate’ to reach the lost..that includes in our culture.I realize not everybody responds in the affirmative regarding Christ…That choice and it’s consequences..fall into the lap of the hearer…I do,..however take issue with abortion,[child killing] being acceptable in our country.We need to give voice to the pre-born..which is every bit as human and person as any one of us.This has to be brought out into the public square,as missionaries to the pre-born doe’s…We must show those who ‘think?’..that this is a grievous sin of the highest order.If this is allowed to continue…nothing is off target that is good.You and I are just down the line from being called to give up our lives,regardless of if you want to or not.WE a un-civil war.If we don’t stand and try and stop this disgusting satanic attack on the most innocent of us…God WILL surely intervene…and who knows the level at which justice will be required..perhaps nukes will decimate our country in a blink of an eye..because we became the ..excuse my description…lukewarm puke that Jesus so despises….Maybe..this is why we are not around,as in Revelation,to buy anyones goods anymore..and it would serve us right..because we treaded lightly with God’s Word.We need corporate and individual Body of Christ believer true repentance on this……before the hammer falls…….

  3. dan.w says:

    Dear Father God…Expose the false church,..who,in reality is worse than the heathen.I want to know my spiritual enemy so I can prepare and let God loose on them.Folks…you would not believe how many times I ‘preach’to a ‘brother/sister’?…and the message just lays there.Like a deer in the headlights..a blank stare….They see the country slipping away..and if you wait for them to lift a finger to stand against the evil tide…don’t hold your breath.The cultural church is huge..and I believe the devils plant.They supplanted the real church in many ways.Hand in hand in pragmatism with satans end run attempt at ‘the Throne’.They probably don’t know they are lost,without Christ..because they were told a false gospel.Their ‘ministers’ will fry because they were false leaders…They will fry as well…because refuse Christ…and you are on your own…and we know from experience how hollow that can we all were without Jesus at some time in our past.Father their eye’s or harden their heart’s….Fence riding should only be done by professionals in a circus..and not the ‘spirit realm’.Lord..also take down DEEP STATE……Amen.