Donald Trump Jr. UNLOADS on Media BS on Proven Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Coronavirus

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  1. dan.w says:

    I too believe the virus was unleashed on an unsuspecting world.The liberal elite mindset..don’t let a crisis go to waste..I’m sure they are as much the formulator of the crisis as well as the exploiters of it.The left/commie/earth worshippers and the ‘untouchables like soro’s and prince phillip and many ‘stars’ hate people and want their early demise to ‘clean up the planet’..they only ‘love our money’.Let’s starve them out.Defund them.Don’t watch their trash anymore.They worshipped the creature rather than the Creator.Father God can take a mess like the virus thing..and get glory from it.I see people everywhere giving God the time of day when before…not so much.God knows how to get our attention.People are way more receptive to Him and the Bible because a little fear has been introduced.Before it ‘wears off’and they go back to non important things..reach out to a lost person….Please.They don’t know how late it really is………….

  2. Dom says:

    Based on God’s dealings with nations in the Bible and my following of prophetic ministries such as yours, I see the following points for the USA in these end-times…

    •God will judge America for its 60 million abortions and its embracing of homosexual power.

    •9/11 was the first warning call of new century, primarily for America’s national arrogance and financial greed.

    •The second major warning call is the current COVID-19 crisis – this time aimed at the masses – for their indulgence in sports, entertainment and pleasure at the expense of seeking God.

    •Without repentance, the final judgment will involve collapse of the banking system and/or loss of the power grid, resulting in complete anarchy and the downfall of the nation. 

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I think it is right what you are saying. What protected America is standing with Israel.

  3. dan.w says:

    I agree 100% with Dom’s view on all of the above.We will have to account for not only 60 million + babies aborted here..but the fact that it happened on OUR watch.Also,homosexuality is now going for broke..and going after our kid’s,right out in the open with NAMBLA and other sick groups God was speaking in our language with 911…..hence the 9th month,and the towers representing the 11..I believe we are waiting for the ‘next shoe’to drop.Our economy is our god..with a little ‘g’.Even though I believe illuminati forces are at work..It’s by permission of God,and on His timetable.Either China will flood us with our dollars back..because they still hold most of our debt,or,like Dom stated…the grid could go down…Either scenario..will finish us off,and the China and Russia could just walk in and take what they want..without a shot fired.Russia is pumping oil from the ground like make our efforts at it here unprofitable….so as to close our refineries…yes,I see something huge being played out here/now. Just a though…Why did we not declare war on the perpetrators of this virus.?…I believe if we did…it could be the next world war. and yes…If we fail to stand by Israel…we are toast.

  4. Boghos says:

    The only way one could contest the outstanding results of Dr. Zelenco’s treatment is to prove that the Jews of New York are naturally immune to the corona viruses.

  5. dan.w says:

    I do see more people willing to talk about God.Saved and lost alike.The Lord would rather speak quietly…into the hearts and minds of men and women.He is the ultimate gentleman,taking ‘stripes’ meant for us through Christ.As dark as the next sky may be,be sure the Lord is in this.Nothing is too hard for Him.If we continue to pray in true could catch on and become a third great awakening.I won’t tell God He cannot do something.Could you just see…America,on her knee’s to the Lord of all.Let’s set aside anything that would keep us from the One who love’s us most.Father God…You can heal this broken land and bring it back to You.Bring our sin’s to our mind so we can truly repent of them.Bring us to the place where we see Your call on our live’s to reach other’s..for You…In Christ’s great Name,Amen.