Donald Trump Proclaims Religious Freedom Day 2020

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Big Don..I love it!…Now the liberals are know it’s true..they try to take on Trump,cause they want to get to you,to take away your freedom,to pray,live and vote..then take away your weapon with illegal you can’t defend yourself,or someone you love..their flag is a ‘clenched fist’ the devil’s own glove…they have something coming,won’t see till it’s too late..a patriot,a preacher,a man on bended knee..crying out to the Savior..oh,Lord come and save me..He will answer the cry from that contrite heart…and box in the vermin,before they have a start…to take down…Big Don. Just my added verse. P.S. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer.Remember..When we are on the Lord’s side..then He will be with us.

  2. dan.w says:

    While there is no perfect man…except Christ…..remember…God the Father may have given us ‘this time’ in see if our word’s and action’s match….He know’s if they will or not..but want’s us to see it for ourselves….God gave us Donald Trump..That doe’s not mean we can hit the snooze button and let him do all the work.There has never been a president so BOLD and without apology for the things God want’s us to be bold in.He speak’s truth to this wicked generation…and they hate it.Stand with God..and with all those who seek to live right and righteous live’s.Don’t just ‘pull the lever’..but,moment by moment engage God and ask Him to ‘step it up’ for you.Be bold and ask Him to ‘raise the bar’ so you don’t get complacent and lazy in this walk He has given you.Let [His purpose’ be your purpose].Do you want to try and save a nation..if even a while longer?Be that ‘holy person’ you would want other’s to be.I have never met anyone that was so Heavenly minded that they were not useful for earth.Thank You Father God for Trump..and for those here who love You…without fear or reservation,Amen.