ELECTION 2020: November 19, 2020

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  1. dan.w says:

    I believe Trump will triumph as well.He has a great team of real experts who will take down a lot of the corruption and it’s underpinnings.It will be great to watch.I don’t want to ruin Trumps [hand]..so I’ll be quiet…Shhhhhh.

  2. Sherry Sadowski says:

    Hello Chaplin John. Thank you for all of your information. I have been listening to you for years and reading your articles. I hope that your move to Texas went well. I am Happy for you that you can be near your son. What a Blessing. I would not miss a Friday night when you are on with Pastor Ernie. I believe that Trump will Triump. In Christ. Which I Pray. God is on the Glorious Throne!!!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Thanks Sherry and God bless you. Th next three weeks are going to be awesome. The Lord is going to reveal all the corruption in government.

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