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  1. Esther Wattsw says:

    Heartbreaking! We are getting ready for it now. It is sad with all the harbingers there have been, yet most (even church folk) refuse to believe. We will be praying too, my brother. Please keep on and do NOT compromise! God bless!!!

  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    Amen! Thank you, John..and God bless you for all you do. You are humble and bold..at the same time..just as Paul was humble and bold. May the glory of God continue to shine down upon your household.

  3. Lori says:

    I will be with you in prayer tonight! I always plead the precious blood of Jesus for protection. Lord Bless You All

  4. Michael says:

    Yes we do need to really pray because of all thats happening.May God shout to the hard left in these storms and droughts and show His displeasure because of celebrating such depravity.May many turn to the Lord for mercy and forgiveness in these days.Lets keep our eyes on the Blessed Hope and be ready for Him to come for us.Even so come Lord Jesus.God Bless you John.Keep up the good work.By the way,did you get that email I sent thru the contact us button in reply to your interpretation of Matt 5:32 and 19:9?
    God Bless all Michael

  5. You are welcome! God bless.

  6. dan .w says:

    I will try to be there tonight,brother John,Dan.w

  7. Melany says:

    Just got home….. ‘Will be with all of you in prayer tonight.

  8. Mary E. says:

    Great prayer time, tonight. What a privilege to participate.

  9. Sylvia says:

    So sad I pray for Psalm 91 to be upon all especially those whom love Jesus and he is in control not more words can say the clock is ticking closer to midnight!

  10. GaryB says:

    The wicked won’t make the connection between the weather and homosexuality. The ones who believe in some kind of god think their god approves of homosexuality and also doesn’t use weather to judge people. Except perhaps people who oppose homosexuality.

    Most Christians probably aren’t sure that there is a connection between the weather and gay pride month.

  11. Loretta says:

    What a wonderful prayer meeting last night. Brother John, Pastor Fred and Willie, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this meeting; calling out to God, repenting for the evil that is ruling this land and protection from fear griping our hearts and for all our brothers and sisters in harms way.
    We love you and thank God for you.May God bless and protect each of you.
    Praise and honor to God our Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ in all things.

  12. Sharon says:

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed or connected the dots with what is happening in Turkey today, the riots started approx. around the anniversary date of the flotilla incident…do you think this is a coincidence? I definitely don’t think so!! As Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has done to Israel is now being done to him. The G-d of Israel never forgets or forgives!!

  13. dan .w says:

    It was a beautiful prayer service.I agreed 100% in prayer with all of you.I can add nothing but thank you for letting me be a part of it.God bless all of you,Dan.w

  14. Marc_W says:

    Yet another illustration of “why” the adverse weather is visiting our nation’s capital – Third-Graders Introduce Obama at LGBT Pride Event:



  15. Barbara in VA says:

    Wonderful prayer meeting Wed. night that left me with a feeling of peace!

    I just saw this article and wondered if the timing of the storm was related to this event–notice the date of the event–June 13:


    God bless us all!