ENEMY WITHIN: Ilhan Omar to Trump: Divest from Hotels – You May Face “Worldwide” Attacks on Properties

4 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    You can ‘sense’..we are near the end of the line.There has never been an outright attack on God,or on our Savior..as we have today.The mask is off.satan..[with a little s]..knows he,or should I say..it..see’s their time is almost up.I look forward to that Day..[with a capital D].Crank up the flames Father God…the evil one seem’s a little chilled.Please God..tear the blinder’s off the lost while there is still a little time left…and to the ‘unrepentant baby killers’…God see’s you…and takes note of your wicked deed’s.You WILL NOT escape.

  2. Denise says:

    Each day it truly gets harder and harder to live in this world. Now we know what the Bible means about Lot’s righteous soul being vexed. The sexual sin is hard enough to take, but the degree of blasphemy – with NO fear of the Lord – is just too much. Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. dan.w says:

    Mike Blooperberg say’s he’s spending ‘his money’..HA!!!..to get rid of Trump.NO…..he’s spending someone else’s money to get rid of the second ammendment.I’m tell ALL of you this because without our right to bear arm’s..the constitution will be worthless.If he get’s his way…the reality of the outcome would be the same as another country taking us over.People…The constitution was created for the people to be the government..not the government ‘imposing it’s will upon us’.Pull our fang’s…no right to self defense…might as well kill us…..which would eventually be the next step.Every country that disarmed it’s people eventually moved to the next step…genocide.Every one of you,[us] need’s to vanquish idiot’s like this from being in position’s of power and influence.Vote these turkey’s out..or call your representative..before we are the next China,England,or Australia.These people are now powerless to defend themselve’s.If you are waiting for the cop’s to save you…remember…they usually get there AFTER the crime was committed..and you could become the next toetag.Trust me…you don’t want to stare down law enforcement when they come to your door to take your ‘lawfully owned piece’…the outcome will be…you lose.Stop this now before legislation is enacted that make’s you a criminal..when you really are not one.

  4. dan.w says:

    an addendum to my last post….Just think…Who would want you to not be able to defend yourself,i.e right to bear arm’s..? How about the democrat party..which was sold out to the communist/marxist party.Also,most other nation’s who have forgotten God,and have a skewed concept of most thing’s because they have the wrong god…themselve’s.We could easily go down this path..to the point of no return…if real Christian’s sit on their ‘blessed assurance’..and not vote or get involved…or…tell someone about the saving grace of Jesus Christ thereby setting their mind free from the slavery of satan and stupidity in general…..wakey,wakey…little sleeper.It’s later than we think.