Europe turned over to Islam for judgment

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  1. Susan says:

    I liked your comment in reference to ISIS, that the God of Israel will “destroy this monster when it moves against Israel for Jerusalem”. I believe this too. It is a monster and filled to the brim with psychopaths. I pray for Israel every day, and lately I have been praying for the Lord to remove the Al Aqsua mosque from Jerusalem from His Holy Temple Mount. Do you think the Holy Spirit is leading Christians to pray like this now?

  2. Don says:

    I can tell you that it’s something that I’ve prayed for some time now. Not just the removal of the mosque, but for the violent destruction of islam. As I watch this religion murder their way across the region from N. Africa to Syria to Pakistan and the murder, kidnapping, rape and hatred for Jews and Christians, my heart grieves and it vexes the soul. I have no words.

  3. Barbara in Virginia says:

    I would like to address the two comments about praying for the destruction of the mosque on the “Temple Mount”. First of all, keep in mind that tradition can sometimes close minds regarding “new” discoveries; and the tradition of the Temple Mount as being the location of the original temples (Solomon’s temple and Herod’s temple) for so long will make it very difficult to persuade people differently. Also, the very old tradition that the wailing wall is the foundation of one of those original temples will be next to impossible to contradict.

    What would you say if you were told that the temples were built about 1/4 mile south of the “Temple Mount” on land that was the old City of David and totally belongs to Israel? And what if you were told that the wailing wall is actually the foundation of the old Roman Fort Antonio rather than having anything to do with Herold’s temple?

    Please be Bereans, and search out the truth. First of all study these scriptures: Matthew 24:1-2 (was Jesus lying when he told the disciples this?) 2 Samuel 24:18-25 and 2 Chronicles 3:1. Study these verses which tell us exactly where Solomon’s Temple was built. Then I strongly recommend that you find and read a book called “Temple” by Robert Cornuke–“Amazing new discoveries that change everything about the location of Solomon’s Temple”. I’m convinced, but you need to be Bereans and decide for yourself. What is so sad about this, is that all these wars and all the uprisings and grief over the Temple Mount are all very likely based on incorrect tradition rather than Biblical truth! I challenge you to make this study and decide for yourself!

    God bless us all!


  4. Joe says:

    You also have to remember that “the women that rides the Beast” in Revelation is the apostate christian church not Islam, this man made religion will be almost entirely wiped out by Israel (some how Islam is going to become a nothing religion) and maybe the Beast himself (when he makes his convent with Israel), Lucifer wants to destroy Israel and Christians.. Islam was started by Lucifer just like all the other religions, he does not care about Islam what he wants to do is discredit the true church (the Bible the God of Abraham)) so what I tell people is not to be concerned about Islam this will not be the dominant world religion of the Beast, he will use the apostate christian church as his choice to rule the world.
    Regarding the Fire Chief I think they should erect a statue of him in downtown Atlanta.