Europeanize America? Not on Your Life

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  1. dan.w says:

    I smell a rat…Jeff Flake…sometimes there is a lot of info in a name. Rhino like tendencies.Deep State comes to my mind.Why do demoncrats get free passes all the time…republicans are always swimming upstream.Where are the real men?..Not the foggy fake ones invented to keep a seemingly solid judge from the supreme court.Are we sure John McCain is gone,or did he get replaced by Mr.Flake.If you are a demoncrat..THEN SAY IT…quit pretending you are not.This is NOT about rape,or womens rights..its about denying due justice to a qualified judge..thereby holding all of REAL Americans…hostage to a ‘frog and stoney show’. C’mon..president Trump.Deep state is mocking you and us.This will only end bad for anyone who thinks their vote matters,and our country.They say a week…now.They are waiting not to find ‘the smoking gun’…but for the judge to say…Hey..this isn’t worth the grief..and give up….sending a signal to any worthy candidates in the future to not apply for this position.Sad commentary on our country.I could say whats really on my mind but I don’t want to tarnish the Body of Christ…The left hates us already.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God..please give all at the hearing..clear insight and wisdom.Let truth and real justice and law become the final outcome.Please don’t let evil,or its proponents have the upper hand or the victory.Even though satan is the god of this world,with a small ‘g’…let Your voice Lord God of ages ring out with Your outcome.People of God not lose heart though frustration seems to be at all sides.I trust in the Lord…not mere men.People,on their best day can included….But the Lord…He never doe’s.